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Who's your best friend on the street?

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What hobbies, other than music, do you enjoy?

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Her? Really?

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I am.

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She wrote this two months ago:

The Internet has added a whole new wrinkle to spying. People like Snowden may be perceived a hero by some, but they may not be fully aware of the consequences of their actions. I was very interested in the moral debate in MAFIA SPIES and how US officials worried about the moral questions of killing a foreign bad guy like Fidel Castro. Indeed, CIA director John McCone worried that her would be excommunicated as a Catholic if he was ever caught killing someone for the government. (So the CIA spies already trying to kill Castro simply avoided telling McCone, even when he was the director of the agency). Much of leCarre's spy novels deal with the moral questions surrounding spying and killing for the government, and that is certainly a backdrop for my book too.