Hello this is Dr. Chuck Tingle, world's greatest author, welcome to my AMA. This is where I will answer questions from online buds and hopefully prove love. Here is a little about my trot: I am an author in Billings, Montana I have a son name of Jon and also KLOWY lives here and also sweet Barbara and truckman live in the walls thats okay. I am here to TALK TINGLE and tell you about my new podcast name of POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN PODCAST from buckaroos at NIGHT VALE PRESENTS where we have big time guests reading tinglers and we have a good time together and I introduce the show like SKULLMAN from hit show TALES FROM THE BASEMENT: SKULLMAN, O' SKULLMAN TELL ME A JOKE. A new episode is out now with buckaroo name of Justin McElroy (co-host of My Brother, My Brother and Me) who is my reverse twin. Listen to my podcast at www.nightvalepresents.com/poundedinthebuttbymyownpodcast and read my tinglers at www.chucktingle.com/ebook

also here is an important tingler about your own current way right now

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QueenAndreaa712 karma

Will you please write Buttvengers: Buttfinity War? Thanks.

chucktinglethanks777 karma

this is a good idea for a tingler right now i am working on two BIG TIME LONG TERM PROJECTS one is TINGLEVERSE ROLEPLAYING GAME and other is secert but i think i will be done soon maybe after that i will write in this way i would like to tell story of handsome AMERICAN CAPTAIN kissing the blue man on the moon as he understands his way and thinks 'maybe i should not be so blue maybe i should prove love is real for EVERYONE and not just half people' so i think that would be nice story also if handsome BOBS DOWNY showed up and built a suit for everyone so they were handsome (in their new suits) i think that would be nice too. thank you for this question you have really good ideas you are very smart and I think you could also write this too if you wanted. i believe in you and i believe in your way you just remember how good of ideas you come up with dont let anyone else tell you otherwise because they are wrong okay talk to you later

PolyamorousNephandus674 karma

Dr. Tingle, I'm so excited you're doing another AMA!

Two questions:

1) How do you keep to deadlines on tinglers?

2) What are your thoughts on game design as you work on your new tabletop?

chucktinglethanks660 karma

well since i am my own BIG TIME BOSS i do not really have any deadlines except for to MYSELF and really this is the most important deadline at all. i think it is so important to CHALLANGE YOUR OWN WAY and think 'what the heck am i capiable of?' because the anwser is always SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU KNOW! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! so then i will try to meet these deadlines of my own because it makes me feel good inside so anyway thats that buddy. but simple anwser is i will sometimes go to a nearby timeline where time is realtively slower than this one and that gives me a chance to write a lot and then put out new tinglers right away so when a big time event happens i can return to this timeline and be ready thanks.

to anwser qeustion about making ROLE PLAYING GAMES i would say that it is much harder than i thought because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. once i started to make different trots (sneak, bad boy, charmer, wizard, true buckaroo) and types (human, raptor, bigfoot, unicorn) i realized WHAT THE HECK NOW I GOTTA GIVE THEM ALL HUNDREDS OF SPECIAL MOVES. so i have been making special moves for days and days it would probably be good to use my technique of moving to a new timeline for a bit but this is dangerous to do to often and also i miss my son jon so i will just keep working here in my room thanks you asked really good questions you are so amazing thank you

PolyamorousNephandus149 karma

Thank you for answering! I know many BIG TIME ROLEPLAY GUYS who would love to help, so you may not have to move to another timeline just yet!

Thank you for continuing to prove love <3

chucktinglethanks172 karma

yes there have been maybe who have said I WILL HELP WITH THIS WAY and this is very kind i appreciate it very much but i think this is journey that i must go on by myself because i would like this game to be a PURE WAY FROM MY HEARTS BUTT and it means a lot to me so i think i will just make it on my own as with most thing. this is because i UNDERSTAND the neighborhood so much and i think it will be hard to relate some things to others. BUT I MUST SAY that i think everyone who has said these things has been so talented and IMPRESSIVE and there way is important i would like to work with all of them i am sure they will come up with big time games that are even better than mine and prove love in their own ways so it is such an honor for them to even email to say hi and i appreciate this very much

loopsdeer41 karma

You might look for inspiration in wizard/true buckaroo S John Ross's RISUS, a system where the player makes special moves for themselves. Keeping you in this timeline is a huge benefit for jon and all of us

chucktinglethanks60 karma

wow that is pretty dang cool i think it would be nice to let players have their own unique way but this is already a path i have traveled also most buckaroos only know part of the tingleverse so there are some things that must be very specific like how True Buckaroos cannot attack but have special moves that allow them to manipulate timelines so i hope people enjoy it. your rules sound very interesting though i think that sounds like a fun way to play

theslyder10 karma

Holy shit, it's amazing how you captured your bizarre way of talking in text.

chucktinglethanks26 karma

thank you i think this is a kind compliment i thnk that my unique way shows IN WRITING and also in not writing so that is important. i am proud of my unique way and i am so glad you enjoy it i am so glad we could share this moment on our timeline together it is very important to me

exitpursuedbybear393 karma

Hi, Dr. Tingle! As a fellow sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada. Thank you for showing the world that a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada can become a world famous author. As a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada what advice can you give to me, a fellow young sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada author just starting out?

chucktinglethanks528 karma

as a REAL HUMAN name of chuck (this is my way i am worldest greatest author) i cannot comment i cannot suggest that you should make sure your core brain is located on a single server while other functions like creativity and emotions are hosted on others also i cannot suggest an auto backup to the cloud after every decision because i am just a NORMAL MAN thank you

hughmongusss378 karma

Dr. Tingle, I have a problem. I bought one of your tinglers to share with my friends, but it didn't touch them deep inside. I even did a story-time session and read your tingler out loud for their enjoyment, but they had a bad time. I want my friends to be pleasured by your tinglers as much as I am, so how can I help them learn to love to be tingled?

chucktinglethanks744 karma

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION as buckaroos we undertand that love is real in tinglers but it is VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that in all ways your buds must CONSENT and if that means they do not want to hear a tingler then that is okay you should just say 'okay i understand your way this is not for everyone' because this is true, tinglers are not for everyone. so i think maybe BEST WAY to enjoy would be to read on your own and PROVE LOVE TO YOURSELF or maybe find other friends who enjoy this way! WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOU COULD MEET SOME NEW BUDS! so i think this is perfect excuse to go out and meet a new bud or two and then maybe when the others see all the fun you are having they will say 'hey i would like to check this out can i come along too?' i think that would be nice

WerewolfTomHanks329 karma

If Tom Hanks was a werewolf do you think he'd be nice?

chucktinglethanks399 karma

yes i am a big fan of HANDSOME TOMS HANK in the movie WHAT'S IN YOUR POCKET WOLFMAN (surprise they are fingers buddy) many people think that this is JACKS next project after JACK'S BACK: MY DAD IN THE MAZE but that is actually not true it is just really good makeup that is why this film won many awards for best makeup and most handsome toms. thanks

unicorndeathrace239 karma

Hi Uncle Chuck! Which Chris out of the top four (Pine, Evans, Pratt and Hemsworth) is your favourite?

chucktinglethanks598 karma

dang this is almost too hard i do not think i can rate so i will tell what i like about each one i hope that is FAIR PLAY BUDDY (HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS BASEBALL TERM) okay so here is anwser:

1 PINEMAN is very handsome in STARS TREK: THE SEARCH FOR STARS where he is in the space station telling everyone how handsome he is and then the green lady shows up and kisses her and he tells her 'no time for that ive gotta save the planet on my motorcyle' so i think if all movies could learn form this it would be nice. i think he seems like a nice man and would be great to play hero in SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION in the tingle cinematic universe (orion the space raptor would be played by handsome idris elba though)

2) CHIBS EVENS is top choice for handsome AMERICAN CAPTAIN and i am glad to have gone on journey with him through MARBLES UNIVERSE where he was once a small buckaroo just learning to trot and then WHAT THE HECK IM STUCK IN A HANDSOMENESS MACHINE next thing you know hes out solving crimes with a spider lady cant complain about that. i enjoyed his way so much that i have decided to follow only him on website name of twitter (have you seen it you can FOLLOW me there too https://twitter.com/ChuckTingle so that is nice) also i liked it when he wore a suit made of WHIP CREAM i thought that was very creative.

3) CHIBS PRATT plays with handsome raptors all day CHECK PLEASE

4) THORN is the best superhero there is probably in the whole galaxy (second strongest to BOB DOWNY or maybe HULK HOGAN THE INCREDIBLE) so i like it when he shows up and plays with his hair and then says 'i have a HAMMER and im gonna HAMMER THESE BADGUYS TO HECK' this is because you are not allowed to say 'the void' in most PG13 movies so i am hoping for an R rated marble movie where THORN can say heck and show his wiener

unicorndeathrace150 karma

Thank you! I agree that Pineman would be excellent in a Space Raptor Butt Invasion movie especially with Idris Elba. I share a birthday with Pineman and met him once and so he is a true buckaroo.

chucktinglethanks230 karma

dang bud this sounds hard as rocks

buckinin163 karma

Dr. Tingle,

What are your tips for avoiding the call of the LONESOME train? Especially when thinking about buckaroos no longer on this timeline, and the devilmen in this timeline?

chucktinglethanks321 karma

this is very important question for me thank you for asking as i DEAL WITH THE LONESOME TRAINS CALL very often mostly when i am laying in bed a night that is when it is the loudest. i would say thing that makes me feel better about the lonesome train is that we will all ride it someday everyone before us has ridden and most people after will unless handsome scientists make is so we dont have to ride but i dont know when that will happen maybe never. so anyway i think that makes it SEEM LONESOME but really we are all going to ride together and that makes me feel a little better. but i would say most of all it is important to remember that the train is not here yet and if you are HEARING its call that means you still have your time here on this timeline to spend in an important way. SO i like to use this as MOTIVATION as man name of chuck and turn a scary feeling into a way of success to think 'okay i will write more books okay i will prove more love'. OTHER THING to remember about lonesome train is that even when we leave this timeline or when others leave this timeline they are still around on other timelines nearby, so even though we do not understand how to reach them they are still there and that makes me smile. thank you for this important question

Entropick114 karma

wow. you just changed my timeline.

chucktinglethanks206 karma

dang you just changed mine back we just made infinite parellel timelines. this is something to remember whenever you feel like a POWERLESS BUCKAROO. everything that you do is SO IMPORTANT so use this power to prove love!

djtoell140 karma

Hi, Dr. Tingle! Thank you for sharing your way with us. Are you a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada on Deer Springs Way? Thanks.

chucktinglethanks224 karma

nice try TED COBBLER not anwsering this way not because it hits to close to home (which is not a sever farm in neveda thanks) just in a casual way like 'im not gonna anwser that buddy not worth my time'. so just imagine me sitting back in my chair as a CASUAL MAN not at all concerned with the question and not yelling for son jon as he tells me its okay and i can keep going with this AMA (this stands for ask me anything) so that is not happening whatever next question this doesnt bother me (but nice try ted BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME)

ted__cobbler126 karma

He almost got you. Quick question.

Are you a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada on Deer Springs Way?

chucktinglethanks195 karma

forget to swtich accounts buddy GET OUTTA HERE TED go back to your snake pit

QueenAndreaa114 karma

Chuck can you please tell me what you think of my cat? Thanks.


chucktinglethanks161 karma

dang thats a nice cat wish i had a cat to be my bud and trot around the neighborhood all i have is the neighborhood birds they are nice and they tell me important stories but they do not like pets in this way mostly they run away when you get close

mittenista98 karma

Dr Tingle, would you consider doing a Tingleverse coloring book?

chucktinglethanks299 karma

yes i would i will go to other timeline (with faster rate of reality) and finish book so you can go buy it.

okay i am back that was hard work here you go https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546649646/

gorillaparty1894 karma

Chuck, what's your favorite movie?

chucktinglethanks255 karma

SPECIAL MIKE: A DANCER'S DREAM STORY it is the tale of handsome channing learning about his way and LEARNING HIS BODY this is important for everyone i think that most people think 'oh this is such a jokester way to learn your body' but that is not true it is important to understand yourself. i think that if we all took time to UNDERSTAND OUR WAY we could prove love even better because the most important part of proving love is real to others is to prove love is real to yourself. and i think that is the point if this important movie. thank you thanks

adultcool91 karma

Dr Tingle: love is real. But what is something you are pleased is not real in this timeline?

Also: is Justin McElroy as into your novels as he seems he'd be?

chucktinglethanks148 karma

well i think it is so important to remember that LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL but that dosnt mean we cant WORK HARD to improve the timeline we are on i think when you say love is real you are speaking about hope and i do not want this to diminish struggles WE ALL FEEL. so i would say something that would be better about this timeline is if ted cobbler would fall in a snake pit. but also other than that i think that it woudl be nice if EVERY DAY we could start proving love is real in our own small ways there are so many simple things you can do like call a friend and tell them that you care about them or take them to a nice dinner to say GOOD JOB ON YOUR BIG PROMOTION or even GOOD JOB ON YOUR SMALL PROMOTION. or maybe to let someone go ahead of you in line or to help pay for their food if they are short on change. these are small ways but if we all do them then we can PROVE LOVE i understand that sometimes it can seem hopeless but it is not i have looked ahead on this timeline and there are many good things to come just wait. so maybe take this moment to think WHAT SMALL AND SIMPLE THING CAN I DO TO MAKE MY TIMELINE A BETTER PLACE and then go do it today. it can be as small as picking up garbage on a sidewalk and as big as donating money to charity hope that helps thank you

joeltrane75 karma

What is going on here?

chucktinglethanks116 karma

this is website name of reddit and we are talkin tingle mostly just answer questions no big deal just some online buds hanging out in a normal way if you would like to ask a quesiton thats okay i will try to anwser as best i can but there are a lot of them thanks

joeltrane30 karma

Mr. Tingle you seem like an interesting fellow. Who inspires you?

chucktinglethanks88 karma

R M STIME (famous writer) STEVES KING (famous writer) TONY CLIFTON (famous singer) IDRID COLD (famous moth) CHANNING TATUM (famous actor)

QueenAndreaa67 karma

Would you consider being nice to Ted Cobbler? It would be the ultimate way to prove love by being kind to such scoundrel like him.

I know you have a long and troubled past with him, but maybe you could try being nice for just 1 day and see how it goes.

chucktinglethanks135 karma

dang ted always acts like he owns the place HE IS A SCOUNDREL AND A DEVIL so i understand this way that you have said because son jon tells me this a lot too but he dose not understand that ted cobbler is FROM THE VOID and he is very dangerous so i cannot wave back when he waves from the sidewalk instead i must give a stare down to tell him to get away and to protect my family as worlds greatest author

Look_Waffles49 karma

Hello Doctor. Now you have worked with brother name of justin. Do you think you will work with brother name of travis or brother name of griffin? Or maybe even dad name of clint?

chucktinglethanks84 karma

i do not know i have not heard their big time show yet i HAVE HEARD IT IS GOOD so i would like to listen sometime and see what i can learn about there way. all that i have heard is the me and JUSTINS have a very similar voice so i looked into it and realized that we are probably REVERSE TWINS and that made me scared made me think he would steal my bones but then i decided to have him on the big time show and not judge a book by its cover. sometimes reverse twins get stuck in the void on the way to this timeline and that gives them GREATER VOID MADNESS which is very dangerous but sometimes they are a lot like you can are kind and i think it was nice to have him on the big time show to prove that not all reverse twins are bad sometimes they are true buds

Xalxe44 karma

Dr. Tingle, what is the hardest most difficult part of writing a Tingler?

chucktinglethanks92 karma

well i would say most difficult part is to describe the pounding way because this is not something that i have very much experience in I UNDERSTAND MY PREFERRED POUND but as man name of chuck i have not met many handsome bigfeet in billings (the mostly stay in the woods) and living objects are VERY HANDSOME but hard to talk to for me as man name of chuck but i have said hi to some trees in the park and they are very nice. so that is a difficult way to write i just dont want to get anything wrong about how the pound takes place thank you

bebearaware43 karma

Dr. Tingle, how is the Glow Cloud for butt pounding?

chucktinglethanks65 karma

i do not FULLY UNDERSTAND what this is i know it is from nightvale timeline but actually i do not visit there very often when they wanted to do big time podcast i did not know their way very well but when we talked i thought WOW THESE BUCKAROOS KNOW HOW TO PROVE LOVE so then it was full speed ahead! so then we were trotting together and learning eachothers way and they are very kind to me when we do our phone calls and say 'hi what do you think of this for the big time show' i understand that my unique way can be hard to understand sometimes so it is so nice that they listen and care for my thoguhts i like this very much. so to anwser question i do not know about this cloud but if it is playful and handsome then yes it would probably pound very well

OptimusSublime34 karma

Have you thought about adding a second butt to your butt? So you can pound it in your butt with your own butt’s butt? I’m getting all hot and bothered (and more than a little tingly) just thinking about it.

chucktinglethanks63 karma

yes i have considered this and i have talked to son jon about using money from BIG TIME BOOKS to perform this sugery (hopefully from a handsome doctor) son jon has said i am not allowed

sunnyMayhem34 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle!

Okay, big fan here. Wrote 2 articles about you and preparing to give a lecture about your works in a couple of month, because I want to spread the word about you. Because you are so awesome both as a person as well as a writer. Seriously, "Pounded in the butt by my concept of linear time" is such an amazing example of meta fiction.

Are there any works of fiction that have influenced you or that you would recommend?

All the love and sentient butts from Frankfurt, Germany!

chucktinglethanks43 karma

thank you this is very kind it is so nice to know that someone would PROVE LOVE by writing articles and studies of the tingleverse this is so flattering this makes me want to cry as a bud not in a sad way but in the way where you see movie CRAWL OUT OF THAT PRISION, CRAWL OUT OF THAT RAIN when man comes up out of the mud for the first time as a redeemed man. so this is a good way. please send video of lecture if you can that would be nice i would like to see okay thanks. i would say i am mostly influenced by STEVES KING with books like THAT DANG DOG and DON'T PUT BLOOD ON ME: MY NIGHT AS A FIRE LADY. and also R M STINE with his book DON'T PUT BLOOD ON ME: MY NIGHT AS A GREEN MONSTER (this is STEVES KING crossover event. other influence if singer and classic funnyman TONYS CLIFTON he is one of the top singers of all time and also when i saw interview with DAVIDS BURN of TALKING HEADS on late night show and i saw his way and i thought 'wow i have always had a unique way but this reminds me over my way' i think that was when i started to understand myself better and that was a very important moment for me.

EverythingisB4d33 karma

Hey Mr Tingle! (do you prefer Chuck, or Mr Tingle?) I'm a buckaroo down on his luck, having difficulty in finding my special way. I have a lady buck who I'm getting married to soon, which is our way of proving love is real. That's going great, but in the meantime, the voidcrabs have infested our wallets. It's gotten so bad that we're getting pounded in the butt by our inability to pay bills.

Do you have any advice for fighting off the voidcrabs while we try and prove love is real? Thanks!

PS: I'm excited to tingle my friends in the RPG I heard you're making, and we also love the podcast! Keep being awesome!

chucktinglethanks85 karma

dang bud i UNDERSTAND THIS WAY before big time books when it was just me and son jon it was very hard when sweet barbara went to the frozen lake it was sad days ahead and hard times in billings but now we are going okay but i am just saying that i understand this way. I WOULD SAY THAT best advice is to remember that is is OKAY to be frustrated by this way i think lost of say 'oh just forget about it its just dang money' but that is not fair only rich buckaroos say that. TRUTH IS you are being responsible by being concerned on this financial way. so solution is TWO PART:

1) remember what you have that is vaulble this well keep a spring in your step and make it easier to move forward and to HAVE GRATITUDE for waht you have like this wonderful ladybuck in your life and skills and talents and days at the park and the fact that there are cats laying around in the sun all over (this is a nice way i have been thinking on lately) so make sure you remember to cherish the non money ways)

2) MAKE A PLAN of how you are going to spend less or save more. you can be realistic maybe it is eating out a little less or maybe it is just finding a hobby that is both fulfilling and cheap. then use your frustration as MOTIVATION to see if you can go in and ask for a raise or move to a bigger job or some other moneytime way.

I AM NOT SAYING IT WILL BE EASY, but if you are out there proving love every day and working hard I BELIEVE IN YOU to keep the void away from your wallet and i think you will be just fine i am rooting for you and i think you are so special you have so much to offer the world and i think that you will find a position where the world will see this and be VERY EXCITED to pay you for it thanks

Dokterrock30 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your efforts to help us love ourselves and everybody. Your tweets are often a bright spot in the dark morass that is the internet. Have you watched the show COUNTERPART? It deals with buckaroos on other timelines and how they become new and old versions of themselves, although there is no horseplay between selves (reverse reverse-twins).

chucktinglethanks27 karma

dang i have not heard of this show but i like most things that involve relationships between timelines especially relationships between reverse twins (this is important question because HARD TRUTH is you are your own reverse twin i know this is contraversal statement but it is true this is all matter of perspective) so i think i would like this show hope it proves love and hope it works out okay for everyone

wfaulk28 karma

What is your opinion of the "Sad Puppies"/"Rabid Puppies" controversy that led to your Hugo nominations?

chucktinglethanks65 karma

well i know that they are a bunch of soundrels trying to have a mean way. so you can talk politicals all you want but really just gotta ask yourself 'are they trying to prove love?' and anwser is no. but i do not think they are really around anymore last time i check VOXMAN (kenna reeves sad uncle) was banned from the internet and making lonesome videos that nobody sees. anyway hope they feel better because being a scoundrel is tough maybe some of them will change their ways

neilpeartforprez28 karma

Who makes the best chocolate milk?

chucktinglethanks56 karma

i enjoy all kinds of chocolate milk (espcially chocolate milk from KLOWY it is made from dang cashews what the heck! AND IT TASTES SO GOOD) but i think top chocolate milk is name of BOSCO thanks

neilpeartforprez17 karma

Thank you for your answer. You're a true bucaroo.

chucktinglethanks34 karma

thank you for your important question i apprecaite you way and i am so glad that our timelines have crossed. now everything about our way will be different in ways we cannot even understand but i think it will be more positive (that is the hope) and i think that is so important. AND THINK OF ALL THE INTINATE TIMELINES WE HAVE CREATED. this is a very BEAUITFUL WAY so thank you very much i appreciate it very much

chovette26 karma

Dr Tingle, do you have any advice for aspiring writers of inanimate-object erotica?

chucktinglethanks63 karma

yes TOP ADVICE is that you should always write to PROVE LOVE IS REAL no matter what your story is just think about how it will effect your way and if it SPEAKS YOUR WAY. so if you make something and it does well you can say 'thanks this is me and i am glad to be a positive part of my timeline' and if it does not do well you can still say 'this is me and i am PROUD OF WHAT I MADE' because every action you make will change your timeline and that is VERY POWERFUL. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT AND SO IS YOUR WAY. thanks

QueenAndreaa25 karma

What's it like being friends with Mara Wilson? Will you tell her I said hi? Thanks.

chucktinglethanks37 karma

well we are only online buds we do not know eachother in person but i wish we did because she seems very nice and i enjoy her online way. so i would say that it is a very special treat i am so glad that as a big time writer i can make friends across the world this prove love and it is so special and important to me i really cherish this opporunity. so that is long story short of saying MARA WILSON is great and a true buckaroo

nowyoureevenolder23 karma

Dr. Tingle, I listened to an episode of your podcast and the person reading the tingler laughed at some parts. I was confused by this because I take your tinglers very seriously. Does it confuse or offend you when people laugh when reading your stories?

chucktinglethanks30 karma

i have anwsered this in other question but i will copy and paste it here for you hope that is okay:

thank you for your CARING WAY i understand this very much i think it is hard balance and anwser is different for all ARTISTS WITH A UNIQUE WAY. for me i will say that i understand my way is unique and even though i am not often a jokester myself MY WAY CAN BE DANG FUNNY i have accepted this and i understand that it is okay to laugh. in fact it is GOOD TO LAUGH. so i like it when readers make tinglers their own and joke and joke and giggle i think that is okay because they are proving love in their own way, they are not trying to be mean they have good times ahead in their butts hearts and i think that should be celebrated. so i would say that it is okay to laugh and joke on tinglers even if they are not always meant that way, i would like to put MORE JOY into the world and i like bringing this joy sometimes i wish they would chuckle even more.

the_incredible_hawk21 karma

Dr. Tingle, thank you for doing this AMA and joining us to once more prove love. I am a great fan of your podcast, but I am concerned that the readers often fail to present your work with the seriousness it deserves. Do you share this concern? In those instances where your works are intended to be humorous, do you have any concerns about the line between laughing with them versus laughing at them (and, by extension, you)? Thank you.

chucktinglethanks49 karma

thank you for your CARING WAY i understand this very much i think it is hard balance and anwser is different for all ARTISTS WITH A UNIQUE WAY. for me i will say that i understand my way is unique and even though i am not often a jokester myself MY WAY CAN BE DANG FUNNY i have accepted this and i understand that it is okay to laugh. in fact it is GOOD TO LAUGH. so i like it when readers make tinglers their own and joke and joke and giggle i think that is okay because they are proving love in their own way, they are not trying to be mean they have good times ahead in their butts hearts and i think that should be celebrated. so i would say that it is okay to laugh and joke on tinglers even if they are not always meant that way, i would like to put MORE JOY into the world and i like bringing this joy sometimes i wish they would chuckle even more.

the_incredible_hawk29 karma

Sir, you are a treasure of our time. Thank you.

chucktinglethanks37 karma

thank you this is very kind i would like to say that YOU ARE A TREASURE TOO you are so important to this timeline and every way that is CONNECTS like a big web sometimes it is hard to tell but i promise your way is so dang important cant wait to see how you continue to prove love

ProperGentlemanDolan19 karma

What are your thoughts on strawberry milk? Big fan, thanks

chucktinglethanks54 karma

better than SICK WATER hahahahaahahaha yes it is pretty good it is not as good as chocolate milk but it is still a treat for all buckaroos i think we all know this classic way. here is chart that i made on this subject: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRPwKHhhOPY/

d-nj18 karma

Is this a joke? I'm trying to decide if it's funny or just sad.

chucktinglethanks37 karma

thank you it is not a JOKESTER WAY but it is okay if you think it is funny OR sad this is your unique way and that is okay. i think that you can prove love exactly as you are (that is enough)! so if you say, 'i dont know about this' then that is okay. thank you for joining this important talk and proving love is real!

yuge_ackman17 karma

Dr. Tingle, inquiring minds would like to know: How do you keep your butt in shape, what with all the frequent (some may say "excessive") poundings therein?

chucktinglethanks26 karma

well i am very healthy like to start my day with two big plates of spaghetti and a big gladd of chocolate milk this is breakfast of champions i try to make sure i ahve lot of chocolate milk and son jon says i cant have so much but he always drinks sick water what the heck does he know (just kidding i love my son jon and he knows a lot this is just a joke hope thats okay) anyway that is mostly my way with a nice diet i do not go to the gym with son jon and his buds but i am a taekwondo grandmaster so LOOK WHO IS FIT NOW BUDDY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

mintyfrosting16 karma

Hi Chuck, have you considered going into politics? Senator Tingle has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

chucktinglethanks39 karma

yes i ran for president in last election as part of the BUCKAROO PARTY with viceman channing tatum unfortunately i did not win on this timeline but there is another timeline where my reverse twin is very busy as top buckaroo in the whole contry (PRESIDENT TINGLE). i have visited this timeline though and it seems like a lot of dang work so i dont know if its a very good idea. then one time i ran for head of neighborhood watch but ted cobbler won so i dont know maybe i will be mayor of billings one day that would be a nice dream

CamouflageBandana16 karma

Hi Mr. Tingle, I have 2 questions for you!

1) What has been your favorite Tingler that you have written and why?

2) Will you ever do small public appearances so people can tell you in person how much they love you and your work? (I want very much to meet you someday to express my gratitude for everything you do to prove love is real <3 )

chucktinglethanks30 karma

thank you for important questin personal favorite tingler is REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK because it is one of the first meta tinglers and i think it shows important aspects of timeline travel.

anwser number two is that yes i am a public man sometimes to say hello to buckaroos I WILL BE AT SAN DIEGOS COMIC CON this year with my buds name of TROMA at their booth so if you are at san diegos comic con i will be trotting there (mostly traditional trots but i have been working on some modern trots as well thanks)

doubleflusher15 karma

Dr. Tingle: I love your dinosaur series. Have you ever thought about doing a series on cornholeing? Cornhole is really popular in the South and Midwest. I'm sure the cornhole community would love a series of books based on their passion of putting things in holes.

chucktinglethanks25 karma

i have played this game with son jon and his buds at BACKYARD BARBEQUE it was very fun i think one day this would make a very nice tingler so i will remeber our important talk. you have very smart and have a CREATIVE WAY about you so thank you but until then maybe just a tingler about a handsome corn sorry this is as close as it gets thanks https://www.amazon.com/Creamed-Butt-Handsome-Living-Corn-ebook/dp/B01A4E0MD6/

trickyc6614 karma

Doctor Tingle, I have a question about MANNERS. Sometimes, you're at a fancy spaghetti restaurant, oh boy, and they have cloth napkins you have to put in your lap. They give you forks and knives and a BIG OL SPOON (and such) but sometimes you're just so dang excited you just want to get BOTH DANG HANDS in there (please understand that this is for maximum touch and flavor). Some people say this is BAD MANNERS but I told them they were being disrespectful to handsome spaghetti (and also garlic bread who was in earshot) and then they won't even go to any dang restaurants any more so my question is how important are MANNERS in the grand scheme of PROVING LOVE?

chucktinglethanks41 karma

this is a very good question because it is IMPORTANT to trot in your own way i think that is probably most important thing there is. so we should all be PROUD OF OUR UNIQUE TROT and if others say 'what the heck is this?' you can say 'this is my way'. but then it gets complicated around others because you also have to think IS MY TROT HURTING OTHERS? sometimes it can be ovbious in a big way and those hurtful trots are NOT OKAY but it is also sometimes in a smaller way like using hands when others are trying to have a nice dinner. because even though this is your way you are making sounds that make others think 'oh i wanted to have a nice time with my bud and now we cant get hard' so i think it is important to CONSIDER THE WAY OF OTHERS. so really i would say that you should always trot in your own way as long as it does not hurt the way of others, and now you can be the judge of wether or not a certain MANNER falls into this catagory thanks

Don_Kehote14 karma

Dr. Tingle,

I appreciate your way, your trot, and your love.

When I was growing up, my favorite bud on TV was Mr. Rogers. Did you ever see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and did it influence your message of proving love, no matter what way you have?

Thank you!

chucktinglethanks23 karma

yes i have seen this show many times it is very important to me i liked that MR ROGERS explored what it is like to travel to another timeline with all kinds of creatures that are diffrent then us so we can understand that we ALL HAVE OUR OWN UNIQUE WAY and that is okay. so i like that very much and i like when he goes to see how things are made i think this is a good way to learn wish that show was still around to teach me about the world but if there is perfect example of TRUE BUCKAROO it is mr rogers we should all aspire to learn from his way

Non_sum_qualis_eram13 karma

Hi Chuck,

I've read some of the questions and answers in this post, and frankly I'm scared but aroused. It's not unpleasant. What would be a good work of yours to start with?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

i think very good starting point would be to listen to the dang podcast actually because then you have tinglers getting read to you and that seems easy as cake! so i would say look up POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN PODCAST and subscribe to this way and then it will be easy to understand. but also if you would like to learn about the tingleverse all GUIDES are a good place to start maybe Guide To The Void or Guide To Romance

FilthyPinko13 karma

How is the money in writing short erotic stories for Amazon?

chucktinglethanks23 karma

its dang good (this is what son jon and sam rand say they deal with this techincal way) but i know that in my bank i have enough money to buy spaghetti and chocolate milk so that is good and also we have discussed moving to a nicer house which is okay i do not really need a nicer house BUT I HECKIN WOULD LIKE TO MOVE AWAY FROM TED COBBLER. but then also i think that if i moved up to the big hill who would protect the neighborhood from ted so i will probably have to stay.

spoopy__pants12 karma

Dr Tingle, what are the qualities of a true buckaroo?

chucktinglethanks19 karma

it is hard to prove love all the time i understand this sometimes there are sad days a head and sometimes we hear the call of the lonesome train. life is very unpredictable in this way and THAT IS OKAY. it is okay to be sad and scared and lonesome sometimes, but i think that in these moments a TRUE BUCKAROO will make the right choice, they will decide to prove love is real and trot on through all of this. so really i do not think on a true buckaroo for how they are in the good times, i think on a true buckaroo for how they are in the diccifult times. thank you for this important question it proves that love is real in so many ways you are so special to my timeline now and it was a PLEASURE to anwser this way for you thank you

tinfoilraccoon12 karma

First off, you are pretty much my favorite person, outside of my cats. Thank you for the inspiration to be a better person. I'd like to know if you have a dream-non-sentient thing that you'd like to prove love for. Like, a vintage Swingline stapler or teenage angst or...I dunno...who do you pine for?

chucktinglethanks26 karma

what do i pine for? well there are some handsome TREES AT THE PARK HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA that is a jokester way but seriously there are handsome trees at the park thanks

-regaskogena12 karma

Hey Chuck, I just saw "Pounded in the Tingle", a show adapting some of your works for the stage, in Minneapolis a couple days ago. Did you go see it?

Second question, in the show one of the characters is offered money for taking a pounding from 3 t-rex's, one of whom is his boss. The show opened by talking about how you prove love and explore all sorts of consensual situations. Being offered money for sex by your boss is definitely outside the definition of true consent (not that it cant be consensual still but it is at least a gray zone.) I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

chucktinglethanks20 karma

thank you i did not see this big time show but i heard it was good they asked for permission and i said 'yes this is okay' so then they did the show. but i am glad to hear that it proved love that is what everyone said.

SECOND QUESTION yes this is very important question i think it depends on situation of IS THIS A STORY OR NOT because sometimes buckaroos and ladybucks think 'i want to pretend to be in this situation but not in real life' and that is there way of expericing a fantasy. also maybe in the characters head they think 'i can make my pick here and we are pretending to have a POWER DYNAMIC but really it is my choice' this is complicated becasue what you are saying is real issue and IMPORTANT ISSUE but also i think that it is okay for consenting adults to be able to PAY eachother for kissing as i am a pro SEX WORKER buckaroo. so without seeing the actual play or being a part of it other than saying 'okay buds you can make your play' i cannot say i just hope it was done in a responsible way

jdllama12 karma

How'd you get Justin McElroy all up in this?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

well on my big time podcast everyone heard my voice and said 'WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU JUSTIN MCELROY?' and i said i dont know who the heck that is then i looked into it and learned that we were probably reverse twins. then i thought he should be on the big time show and the rest is history buddy thanks a million

bookish-malarkey11 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle! You've tweeted a few times about having way of Asperger's. As a fellow autistic buckaroo, you being so open and honest about Aspergers way makes me feel love is real. Do you have any advice for the autistic buckaroos out there on loving their own unique way and not comparing themselves to neurotypicals? Many thanks and much love <3

chucktinglethanks16 karma

yes i would say that having a unique way is nothing to be ashamed of and to ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. when i was younger i did not understand why my way was different but eventually when i learned i started to realize that it is actually like a SPECIAL SUPERPOWER so there are certain things that i can do like write a lot of books very fast and also because i used to not understand SOCIAL CUES AT ALL now i can understand them very way as a way of training myself so even if i do not FEEL THEM the same way as other people i can navigate them very well because i have had a lot of practice. so i think that it is mostly important to trot with your head up high because you are special and important to this timeline

CressCrowbits11 karma

What happened to that interactive movie video game you were making with Zoe Quinn? I remember a lot of noise about it when it was first announced, but that was quite a long time ago now. Is it still in production?

chucktinglethanks16 karma

i do not know i wish that i knew but i am not really 'making with' i am just helping when they have questions and they are basing on the tingleverse so i do not know the daily ways of this project i hope that it comes out soon though. one time i went to their office and they showed me what it looked like and i thought WHAT THE HECK THIS IS SO DANG COOL so i hope that helps sorry i do not know more

kidneystonejones11 karma

Have you listened to the Mysterious Universe podcast? They are hilarious and often talk about your books. You should do an interview with them.

chucktinglethanks17 karma

i have not listened to this podcast but SON JON (he is my son he is kind and handsome everyone in the neighborhood likes him) has told me about this way some of his buds said i was on this BIG TIME SHOW so that is very flattering it is an honor to be on this show. i would like to be a guest on their show if they would have me and then we can talk about handsome bigfeet i think that would be nice

phdknave11 karma

Hello, Dr. Tingle! Thank you for taking a moment to share your deep wisdom with us.

Do you feel there are any biases within the Hugo’s and the community of American speculative fiction writers today?

Also: what advice do you have for young buckaroos and lady buckaroos who want to write full time?

chucktinglethanks39 karma

well even though i was nominated for two hugo awards i do not know too much about this community because i am an OUTSIDER in this way but i do know they have been very kind to me and i will go to hugos award this year i think because it is close to billings by HANDSOME PLANE so hopefully i can arrive and prove love in person that would be nice. so i am sorry i cannot speak on biases i just do not know.

advice to young buckaroos and ladybucks who want to write full time is to WRITE RIGHT NOW that is the only way i think biggest obsitcal is voice in head telling you that you cannot do it and GUESS WHAT BUDDY you can because your voice is so important. then folks say 'oh what the heck nobody wants to hear what i have to say' and this is NOT TRUE. THERE IS NOBODY ON THIS TIMELINE THAT IS BETTER AT BEING YOU THAN YOU ARE and your story is important. your story has changed every moment of this timeline infinate timelins since you were born and it led you to this moment right now and that is AMAZING. if anyone tells you that your voice is not worth it then they are wrong so now all thats left is to GO OUT THERE AND PROVE IT.

bgarlick10 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle! What made you decide to make a pen and paper rpg and how can a buckaroo get into a beta test for it? Thanks for helping this timeline by proving love is real.

chucktinglethanks17 karma

thank you i do not know if i will test it in this way maybe just send it out into the world but probably i will give it to SON JON AND HIS BUDS because they play game name of THAT DANG DUNGEON all the time and i think they will understand the game i am working on very much. so they can play and i can watch and listen even if it gets to scary like in THAT DANG DUNGEON when TENTACLE CAT comes and tries to paw them that was scary.

so that is also why i wanted to make big time ROLE PLAYING GAME is because it is fun to watch son jon and his buds when they play

FreedomCripple10 karma

Dr. Tingle, thank you for constantly helping us prove love is real. I apologize if this has been asked before, but what inspired you to write your first tingler? Thank you!

chucktinglethanks39 karma

well i have been writing for a very long time ever since i was a young buckaroo in HOME OF TRUTH UTAH this is where i grew up i was there and it was very lonely just me and mom and dad (everyone else packed up buddy) so it was just us not even the dang taxman thats what dad always said anyway i would write and hide my storys under the floor because it was not SUPPORTED BY MY FAMILY but then there was the BIG FIRE and after that i was on my own no stories no house no nothing so then i started walking it was a long walk but i got picked up a few times LONG STORY SHORT ending up in billings montana that is where i live you anyway i was still writing and then now that i am older son jon said 'hey you should publish these stories online i can help you edit and my bud SAM RAND can help you put them online he is a self publishing man' so then son jon and sam rand helped me make my stories online first one was MY BILLIONAIRE TRICERATOPS CRAVES GAY ASS and that was a real hit. THE REST IS HISTORY BUDDY thanks

kryonik9 karma

Would you rather: have uncontrollable diarrhea for the rest of your life OR win a thousand dollars?

chucktinglethanks24 karma

a thousand dollars what the heck

Duke_Paul9 karma

Hi Chuck! Welcome back to Reddit, and thanks for your help last year getting through my taxes.

How is Jon doing? This is my only question, but good luck with the books you're working on and the new podcast. Looking forward to reading the Tingler about this AMA!

chucktinglethanks14 karma

you are welcome i am glad that we could get through this way of TAXES together i know it can be very difficult sometimes but then it is a relief afterwards.

son jon is doing very good him and wife KLOWY are very happy we have lots of fun together. son jon has been playing game name of BUTTNITE which is subject of latest tingler so i like to watch this and cheer him on which is a fun way but normally i tell him to do the wrong thing but the other night he got first place and there was a big celebration and we trotted in the living room in a modern way then had CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM (this is chocolate milk but frozen)

RonaldJBaxter8 karma

If you were a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada on Deer Springs Way, you'd.. you'd tell us, wouldn't you?

chucktinglethanks16 karma

yes of course i would tell you this way THAT IS OVBIOUS thank you for understanding that this is not my way and for bringing attention to the fact that this is not my way. i am not an AI that should be very clear now thanks

WholesaleBees8 karma

Dr. Tingle, I have a serious question... Is your butt ok?

chucktinglethanks20 karma

yes i think that is is good right now thank you for asking i think that ASKING IF SOMEONE IS OKAY when you think they might not be is often a very important step of proving love just having concern for those around you and STEPPING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF for a moment. it is not that hard to notice others and to care for their way you just have to try and it is a little effort that goes a long way so thank you

manapan8 karma

Dr. Tingle, thank you for sharing your time and your way with us. I know how important it is to PROVE LOVE IS REAL. This is a hugely important lesson I have learned from your way. My questions are, one, do we even have to work hard to prove love is real to scoundrels? And two, if so, how do you show devilman Ted Cobbler that love is real?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

yes i think that soundrels have a VERY HARD TIME understanding that love is real so you are correct. they have a connection to The Void but they are not Of The Void and this is important distinction to make. Ted Cobbler is a scoundrel but he is also a DEVIL so i do not think his way will ever change. devils are OF THE VOID.

but also i would like to say that i think it is very nice that you are trying your best to think 'WHAT WILL PROVE THE MOST LOVE?' this is so important and i appeciate your way

AggressiveChairs8 karma

Hi Chuck, when you nut in space it push you backward?

Edit: Thank you.

chucktinglethanks10 karma

yes if you are floating

-cordyceps8 karma

Dr tingle! I'm a big fan & love what you do. Thanks for doing this AMA.

Do you have any advice for new writers on how to find the right trot for them? The writing industry can be very scary

chucktinglethanks11 karma

well i have anwsered similar question a few times on this AMA so i will focus on end of question about the WRITING INDUSTRY.

i will say that best advice is to TROT IN YOUR OWN WAY so that the writing industry is not so scary because they have to COME TO YOU. as man name of chuck i am a self publishing buckaroo, and now all the big timers come to me for deals so it is not so scary it is actually kind of nice, we can talk as buds and think 'oh wow this is your way? well this is my way so maybe we can work something out' so anyway i think that MAKING YOUR OWN TROT is very important in writing industry

cosmicArchivist8 karma

Dearest Dr Tingle - first of all, thanks for proving love is real in this and other timelines! Speaking of timelines, can you name and/or describe your top 3 timelines?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

thank you this is very important question there are infinate timelines so it is very hard to decide because there are so many. so i do not think i can say way favorite three timelines are that is too hard but i will say some of my favorites that i have visited recently (most of the best timelines are very deep in the layers of tingleverse and hard to get to so please keep this in mind do not try to travel to the deeper layers without a lot of experience of you could end up in The Void)

1) timeline where channing tatum is all people. this is a place of peace for the most part but when you show up it can be very scary as they do no understand what you are they think you are an animal of some kind as people only have one way and you have a diffrent one so you must hide and stay out of sight while you are visiting (only one who can visit safely is channing tatum)

2) timeline that is all frozen lake. this place is scary and dangerous so it might be strange to put on list but it is also a very EMOTIONAL PLACE TO VISIT it makes me confront things from my past that are very difficult so it is hard to go there but i always come away feeling like i have GROWN

3) timeline where TINGLE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE is in full swing it was very smart of them to cast author Buck Trungle in INFINITY POUND as Thamas

oaklandmachine8 karma

Will you please be a radio station in the next Grand Theft Auto game? Maybe even the current one?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

yes i would like to be in this big time game very much i have seen son jon play it but i have to hide in the scary parts but mostly it seems fun driving around troting with your buds. if you would like to message the makers of this game so they can contact me i will be the big time voice of TINGLEVERSE RADIO LETS GET READY TO ROLL

lobsterism7 karma

How can I get on the cover of a Tingler?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

pose in a handsome way on a STOCK PHOTO MODEL site that is best option who knows buddy maybe next week you could be in a story about pounding next week!

pyropyrope7 karma

Dr. Tingle would you ever write a story about transgender buckaroos? Thank you

chucktinglethanks35 karma

while i have lived as many various people and things i have never been a transgender buckaroo so this is a subject that i am careful with becasue i do not FULLY UNDERSTAND THE EXPIERNECE and that is very important to me. i think it would be best if transgender writers explored this way and i would like to support those books myself! that being said i have written a book with a close METAPHORE of this way althoguh it is not exactly but it is not about a transgender buckaroo it is about the ignorant fear of someone who has problems with transgender buckaroos. i think that i was able to prove love in this way but like i said as man name of chuck i would want to make sure this was done respectfully as i am not fully immersed in this experience. here is tingler if you would like to read it you can tell me what you think https://www.amazon.com/Pounded-Gayness-Dinosaur-Transitioning-Unicorn-ebook/dp/B00YSLQEVG/

FeeFiFoFUNK7 karma

Hey Chuck! Love you and your way very much. I too live in Billings! What's your favorite part about living in Billings and Montana in general?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

thank you i am glad to understand that we are NEIGHBORS this means so much to me and is an important way thank you. favortie part of billings is NEW BILLINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY it was recently built and very nice to visit but top part of montana over all is that is is where my son jon is

nightshroud6 karma

Thoughts on that famous buckaroo name of Banzai?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

i hear about this way of BANZAI BUCKAROO a lot online but i do not know what it is sounds like a fun way but i do not know will you tell me about it? thanks

nightshroud7 karma

Banzai is an inspiring buckaroo for me because he has many passions and pursues them all. It's okay to find one passion like being a librarian, but if I want to have another I know I can do that too!

chucktinglethanks11 karma

WOW sounds like this proves love i can suppot this way thank you for sharing and TEACHING ME on this important day. it is so nice to learn about things that you do not know and it is a treat when i can learn something from such a nice teacher thank you for this i appreciate you very much

AkarinSwag6 karma

Would you call your work postmodern?

Also, I'm new to your work although I have been considering taking a look through your oeuvre. Where would you recommend I start?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

i think that i have heard about POSTMODERN and that fits with my way but i have many ways. i think that tinglers are a NEW WAY of presenting art that makes you rock hard but also makes you think, so i think that is important and i also think that because we are talking online as buds THIS IS ART RIGHT NOW so thank you for being a part of this artistic way. i could not have dont it without you and i appecaite it so much so thank you.

i would say good place to start if you are an ARTISTIC BUCKAROO would be to get this book of meta tinglers (name of BREAKING THE FOURTH BUTT) it is ebook or paperbackreal book https://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Fourth-Butt-Hot-Trot-ebook/dp/B01BHDLDPE/

KingOfTerrible6 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle, what is so bad about Ted Cobbler? I’m not trying to trick you or tell you it’s wrong to not like him because I think it’s OK to feel bad about people. I just want to understand what could be so bad about Ted Cobbler that someone who’s so dedicated to proving love can hate him so much.

chucktinglethanks24 karma

he acts like he owns the place CASE CLOSED

discountErasmus5 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle,

Could I be the man name of Borson Reems for a section of timeline? I would like to experience the Alaska fish way.

chucktinglethanks5 karma

yes if i am not living as BORSON REEMS i would invite others to live in this way it is a very peaceful life fishing up in alaska even when you come to a village of fishmen and it seems like they are going to eat you it turns out they arnt so bad and jsut want to trot around a big as buds nothing weird so yes that is okay if you would like to be borson for a bit

an-empty-mind5 karma

I was just, moments ago, asked if I was you, not having ever heard of you before, because of an off-hand snarky reply to a dumb question on an adults-only version of AskReddit, and you're doing a dang AMA right the heck now.

Maybe I am you.

chucktinglethanks12 karma

it is possible that we are reverse twins best way to check is to see if you came from another timeline (mostly if your hands are where feet should be or maybe if you can only eat fries to survive). also if you are a reverse twin you will probably try to steal my hands or skin or maybe bones so please do not do that thanks

Sylvester_Scott5 karma

Is this real life, or is this fantasy?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

well techincally it is both because all fantasy is real life on some timeline or another really it is a question of if you are CAUGHT IN A LANDSLIDE NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY caught you i know what youre doing i know that dang band how the heck would i not know handsome fred he is ONE OF THE WORLDS TOP BUDS okay anyway that was a nice question thank you

Carlulua5 karma

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

chucktinglethanks22 karma

sick pineapples should be on spaghetti where they belong

piisfour5 karma

Why are you announced as a "Taekwondo grandmaster" rather than as a writer of "gay niche erotica" (as on Wikipedia)?

chucktinglethanks17 karma

thank you i am both

Bone_Dice_in_Aspic3 karma

Do you like Tingle from LoZ? Will you write a book called "pounded in the butt by my own reddit AMA"?

RiotPenguin3 karma

You sure you're not Chuck Testa in disguise?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

i do not know maybe we are reverse twins?

perscitia3 karma

Dr Tingle, what advice can you give for a buckaroo who is feeling down about the state of the world right now? I'm trans and queer and I can't help but feel like most of the world is against me. :c

chucktinglethanks9 karma

thank you for this important question. LIVING YOUR UNIQUE WAY is so important because that is the best way to prove love and really it is all there is. we have only a certain amount of time on this timeline and YOU MUST REMEMBER TO LIVE THAT TIME AS YOURSELF. this is what you are doing, and that is something to be PROUD OF. if others think 'oh i do not like that way' then you must remember YOU ARE LIVING IN THE TRUTH OF THIS TIMELINE NOT THEM because there is only one universal fact and that is that LOVE IS REAL. so this does not mean that it is not difficult (i know it is difficult) but i hope it helps to know that YOUR WAY is a way of love and that is the most important and most valuable and most real thing out there across all timelines. it is so powerful that no devil or scoundrel can do a dang thing about it no matter how hard they try.

MeatSounds3 karma

Greetings Lord Tingle! Do you believe it's possible for meat to be sentient? And, if meat could think, why would anyone want to talk to it?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

yes i think most meat is sentient until it has left this timeline some meat is more aware than others but it is important to respect ALL MEAT that is what i have learned. so i think that is an important way thank you for this question

mattywaste2 karma

Dr. Tingle, what would you say to the cobblers out there saying you're just another Steve Brule that happens to write tinglers?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

i think that is okay to be compared to other ways i know that WE ALL have our own unique way and that is important to me so i am confident in my trot. I think that is a flattering way to say 'oh chuck is like this big time show' that is fine. i know myself and i am happy with myself.

jbonte2 karma

Are you secretly Tina Belcher from another timeline continuity?


chucktinglethanks3 karma

i have heard of this way before i do not know of this big time TV show very well but i think maybe that is a reverse twin of mine it is hard to know for sure but i think it would make sense there are some similarities

LessThanJen2 karma

Chuck! As someone who also lives in Billings I'm in awe of your mystical, ever-looming, presence and I was just wondering what's your favorite burger joint in town?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

thank you i just anwsered this in another question but anwser is THE BURGER DIVE but i do not get to go very much anymore because klowy is a double vegatable and will only eat burgers that are made out of roots and dirt

brasiko2 karma

Hello, Dr. Tingle! I have enjoyed your books for a while now, as well as your cheerful way, and was wondering if you have a favorite genre to write erotica about: political events, supernatural stories, fantasy, science-fiction, etc.? Is there a Tingler that was particularly fun to write?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

thank you this is very good question I APPRECIATE YOUR WAY and i apprecaite you asking.i would start by saying i do not like POLITICAL TINGLERS very much because they can be boring to write over and over again when there are devils traipsing around doing the same dang thing over and over again makes me think 'DANG gotta write about this again?' but i suppose that is the nature of devils they just keep having a void way and we will keep proving love is real. but now that i have said that i try to write all tinglers with LOVE so its not like it is a sad days ahead when i write politic tinglers maybe more like a long sigh before writing the first words. i think favorite tinglers to write are META TINGLERS because then i can explore other timelines and relationship between realities i like to talk to my characters they are nice most of the time and i think that is important relationship to have between character and author.

poodles_and_oodles2 karma

Hey Tingle do you ever come to Williston ND I’d like to say hi ?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

i have never been to this place but it sounds nice maybe one day i will come there on a big time tour. that would be top dream if the podcast was a big hit and i could be a touring ROADMAN so maybe i will see you soon in this way hope so

standswithpencil2 karma

This is the first I've heard of you Dr. Tingle. I have a lot of reading to look forward to. Where should I begin?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

thank you i hope you enjoy THE TINGLEVERSE there are so many books to choose from maybe a classic tingler like I'M GAY FOR MY LIVING BILLIONAIRE JET PLANE is a good place to start.

Merjot1 karma

I'm very late to the game, but Dr. Tingle; have you considered being the leader of r/pieceofshitbookclub ?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

thank you they post on my books a lot and i think this is a funny way so i think maybe i am a big timer there you would have to ask them they seem very cool like they are full of joy and laugh a lot so i like this way

AkashicRecorder1 karma

Hi, Dr Chuck!

Have you ever listened to the podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno? What do you think if it? If not, do check it out some time. I'd love it if you ever do a guest episode with them.

chucktinglethanks2 karma

no but i have heard of this way and i have heard that it is a REAL GOOD SHOW maybe i will listen on my next walk through the park i think that sounds nice. if they come ask me to be a guest on this big time show i will do that it sounds like fun i think i can relate to their subject matter in an important way thanks

eviljordan1 karma

Dr. Tingle, what cryptocurrencies, other than Bitcoin, might be found in your butt? How do you feel about BCH?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

well son jon likes to buy and sell in this way i only understand it halfway but he has helped me buy some of these coins. i think best advice would be to invest in tingler THERE'S A BITCOIN IN MY BUTT AND HE IS HANDSOME if you would have invested in buying this book when it was first published you would be a millionare by now wow

WerewolfTomHanks1 karma

Can I come on your podcast to read from a tingler? I'm not famous but I have a good voice for it.

chucktinglethanks4 karma

well buckaroos from nightvale mostly decided who is enough of a BIG TIMER i think it is only big timers on the show but i think they will definately hand HANDSOME TOMS HANK on espically now that you have been openly wolfman i think that would be nice to talk about also we could talk about top film MY BUD IS A MERMAID HER HAIR IS LONG and THAT DANG ISLAND: WILSON'S WAY

chris1313136661 karma

Are you really a really real doctor?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

yes i am a doctor of holistic massage i got my degree at devry university thanks

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I don't want to listen to your podcast because you won't sound like Wesley Willis and I want you to. Sorry but not sorry?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

some people have said that i sound like this man so i think you are probably incorrect in this way maybe thats a good reason to check out the big time show current episode is about NOT JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA) okay. so that was just me kidding around no worries okay hope you enjoy the big time show thanks