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I want you to all make up your own minds. Don't rely on my opinion, just the positive message.

Translation: I don't want you all coming after me with pitchforks.

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Wow, Atlantis: The Lost Empire* is one of my most favorite movies of all time!

Is anything about the movie that most people don't know about?

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It's actually confirmed in Mr Bean: The Animated Series that he is an alien. The whole race is made up of Mr Bean look alikes but each has a different stuffed animal counterpart to our Beans Teddy.

Don't know how canon that is, though...

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Hi everyone!

Which person from Ghana do you admire the most?

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Who added trivia like "Had his hair dyed and wore contacts for the role he played in the film Second Born(2003)and for the character he played in the Mike Myers film Love Guru (2008)." to your imdb page?

Stuff like that always makes me wonder.