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Where do you source your chicken from? Cuz I ain't ever heard of a chicken with fingers. Maybe consider a name change to chicken toes?

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Consultant here: spent a year researching apprenticeship programs for a client.

There are typically three ways to get into a trade: trade/vocational school, trade union or on the job training. Union is the usually the most lucrative route, but can be tough to get into (depending on the trade). Plus, you will still need a company to sponsor you.

Start looking into local union halls and get to know the instructors. They are usually old pros with tons of connections.

Vocational schools vary, but most offer job placement. Ask about their placement rate when applying.

If applying straight to a job with no experience, expect to do some grunt work (general labor) before moving up. Get to know the senior workers and ask them a lot of questions, show interest in learning new skills.

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Not at all. In fact, the starting age for most apprenticeships (at the union) is 28. Why, you ask?

We found that many apprentices were millennials that graduated college and got into some type of "meaningless" office job. The respondents expressed a desire to accomplish something and the trades were the best option.

Edit: just want to add that a lot of people cite "manual labor" and the stress it puts on your body as factors for aging out of the trades. However, there are plenty of low-labor trades like Operating Engineers (i.e. heavy equipment operators). Also, after graduating to journeyman, some tradespeople elect to attend business school or get their PMP certification to move over into the business side of the trades.

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You keep using past tense. I'm assuming you no longer have your license? What happened and what are you doing now for a job?

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Married guy here (7 years, been together for 13). Totally agree on this point. I used to always take my first dates to something fun and casual that usually involved walking.

A great example of this is a farmers or flea market. You really get a good sense of things they are into and there's tons of conversation starters. Lots of sights, smells, colors. See how they interact with others. Maybe grab a bite or bonus tip: gather supplies for a project or dinner together for the next date.