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doubleflusher249 karma

Where do you source your chicken from? Cuz I ain't ever heard of a chicken with fingers. Maybe consider a name change to chicken toes?

doubleflusher117 karma

You keep using past tense. I'm assuming you no longer have your license? What happened and what are you doing now for a job?

doubleflusher40 karma

How do we know this ama isn't just some set up for one of your bits?

doubleflusher27 karma

What are your long-term professional goals? Do you enjoy these types of gigs?

doubleflusher15 karma

Dr. Tingle: I love your dinosaur series. Have you ever thought about doing a series on cornholeing? Cornhole is really popular in the South and Midwest. I'm sure the cornhole community would love a series of books based on their passion of putting things in holes.