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allwordsaremadeup909 karma

An entry exam toddlers have to drill for? Doesn't that strike you as straight up dystopian?

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Do you come in contact with police officers a lot? How would you judge their skill in dealing with the many psychiatric cases they encounter ? If unsatisfactory, what measures do you think would mean an improvement?

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Follow up to war preparation story. Is NK sacrificing other aspects of it's military/society and all-in on the nukes, or are the nukes part of a general increase in means. I've seen hints of both.

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I think he means that kids use different words, grammar, structure. You have to bring that across to the other language as well, so it sounds like stuff a kid might say. Probably pretty weird if you're used to doing eurocrat lingo.

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Can the road map to AGI (Artificial general intelligence) be split up in practical milestones? And if so, what do they appear to be?