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I know this seems very stalkerish, but a year ago you were very proud of losing a lot of weight through diet, which is great. You admit you had a problem with eating, and it was probably disordered.

I work in mental health and see a lot of emergent eating disorders and denial which goes with it. I don't doubt you have gastroparesis though.

Have you ever spoken to a psychiatrist?

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Do you ever hear a fantasy which sets of alarm bells? If so, what do/can you do about it?

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Good on ya. I've had a few ED patients who once they stop a cycle start appearing at a&e with odd gastro symptoms; but I'm sure some will have genuine physical complications, although gastro always brings back false positives!

Well look, whatever it is, best of luck with it all.

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A psychiatrist might be a bit expensive ...

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Hi Chuck,

I've read some of the questions and answers in this post, and frankly I'm scared but aroused. It's not unpleasant. What would be a good work of yours to start with?