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Whose call was it to include a kill screen in the logo at the very end?

That, as a classic gamer, was the thing that made me laugh the hardest, because it showed that the people who made this are true nerds, and it's why I tell everyone I can to go see it. Thank you for your incredible work!

EDIT: A request, as well, one that I figure may be ignored but that's fine: A screenshot of that logo, all kill-screened. If not, absolutely no worries at all, but again, that meant so much :)

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This blessed day.

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I'm going after Katamari Damacy

Jesus Christ.

Please tell me that there are other people that can TOTALLY hear a classically trained choir singing Lonely Rolling Star.

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Not that you necessarily agree/support with the decision to do so, but do you respect it?

Considering it's a different timeline, do you feel that while your variation of Uhura wouldn't have done that, that it's at least something you understand, not just from a "Hey, it's Hollywood, we need a romance subplot, STAT!" perspective?

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It was a stroke of genius, no matter what, and the fact that you helped nurture the environment that let people be nerds, geeks, dweebs, etc. is, well, amazing. You have made a lifelong Rich Moore fan out of me with this movie.

And regardless of the screenshot or not, I will be buying the movie on Blu Ray when it comes out, just so I can go through everything hidden, so you have my absolute support, mentally and financially!