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Even Photobucket was a ton better than imageshack. Always hated it when people used it on forums, would always break shit.

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Pretty sure if you've gotten that far in the group then you can bust them.

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Hey, I'm a sound designer in video games. Do you have any tips on recording guns? I did a 'casual' recording session with some assault rifles recently and found even DPAs can't handle being in front of an ak47!

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What about the case with ea suing zynga due ripping off the sims social? Part of their case was even things like the camera perspective angle and skin color selections were the exact same numerical values as their game.

Whatever happened to that case anyway?

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Did the driver receive any criminal charges or sentence?

It's amazing how so many 'regular' people can do that to someone on the road and totally believe they did nothing wrong and feel no guilt whatsoever.