I am Jay Onrait, anchor on Fox Sports 1 and author of Anchorboy. Ask me anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/JayOnrait/status/398132289848102912

UPDATE: Thanks so much for participating in the reddit AMA everyone! I really appreciate it! I will do another one with Dan someday. jayonrait.com

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NLP191004 karma

Can you come back to Canada? :(

jonrait750 karma


greeny74605 karma


jonrait663 karma

That will cost you money

CanadianGladiator554 karma

Got any hidden talents?

jonrait2153 karma

large penis

TyFi10376 karma

Marry, bang, kill. Bob Mckenzie, Dan O Toole, James Duthie?

jonrait724 karma

Marry James. Kill Dan. Bang Bob

Sunjag374 karma

How much hockey does the FS1 panel actually watch?

jonrait616 karma

Not much

Hockeyboy1234345 karma

What made you want to call BOBROVSKY the way you do?

jonrait643 karma

Simply thought his name sounded like a cop Al Pacino would have played in a 70's William Friedken Movie.

timcielinski335 karma

If you could guest star in one TV show, what would it be?

jonrait1065 karma

Wow great question... Parks and Rec. I would love to appear as a small town sportscaster.

grassgreen123310 karma

What do you miss most about Tsn and Canada?

jonrait717 karma

The people. At both

adweldon283 karma

Does Darren Dutchyshen wear lipstick??

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Oilfan9911267 karma


I'm a huge fan of yours, a medium sized fan of Dans, an am relatively indifferent towards Producer Tim.

My question is: can you offer any words of hope to the long suffering Oilers fans such as myself?


jonrait450 karma

Not really. Unless Katz comes to his senses and fires everyone in the front office (but keeps Eakins)

tonystark17248 karma

What do you enjoy most about the Palomino Club?

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AllanLangille228 karma

Reveal to us the airplane story that couldn't be said on a podcast

jonrait638 karma

Masturbate on all flights over 6 hours

leftylogan184 karma

What is your favorite moment as a sports anchor?

jonrait635 karma

Phil is a Jets fan is right up there

barkaman179 karma

Do you have an embarrassing tan line yet?

jonrait513 karma

Yes. Balls.

PieMaster64177 karma

How much of your shows are scripted/teleprompted? How much is ad-libbed?

Edit: I am the bad speller

jonrait353 karma

About 50/50 adlibbed scripted

MetaDecay161 karma

Hey Jay, how's the mo?

jonrait378 karma

Looking good! Going with the "selleck" this year

WashedUpMeathead159 karma

Is Big City Ken actually Rob Ford? Does crack give you hiccups?

jonrait238 karma

That's an interesting theory. Would make a LOT of sense. Never tried crack

tenderlegs151 karma

Why did you leave Canada? :(

jonrait537 karma

I'll be back (money)

icecentaur117 karma

What have you done in one of your drunken stupors?

jonrait250 karma

All in my book. Puked A LOT

giobbistar21114 karma

If you got in an anchor-off with Ron Burgundy, Tom Tucker and Kent Brockman, who would win, why, and how?

jonrait358 karma

Brockman is a cartoon he would die we would just erase him.

s1oop106 karma


If you have to choose between the domestics:

Canadian, Labbatts, or Moosehead?

jonrait377 karma

Moosehead for sure

MyNameIsBruce2105 karma

Have you ever had a conversation with Don Cherry and did he call you a "good Canadian boy"?

jonrait148 karma

Never met the man!

Crovax97 karma

How is Dan's moustache looking?

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jays18296 karma

Have you and Dan ever had any fights in your time of knowing each other?

jonrait211 karma

Literally not one. Pretty weird

klutzr95 karma

What's your view on Rob Ford's crack fiasco? Do you think you will make any jokes about it on television?

Also, how do you think the leafs are going to do this year?

jonrait266 karma

Already made a ton of jokes on TV today. Leafs will make playoffs get to second round and break hearts again

GreaseyFlow94 karma

Do you really masturbate as much as you said in your Jay and Dan podcast?

jonrait273 karma

I really do. Relaxes me. You should try it.

gmred9194 karma

What is a funny memory you have from having grown up in a drug store?

jonrait257 karma

Dad kicked all my friends out after I invited them over to read comics for free

TL1089 karma

Mr. Onrait, I'm calling you out.

You see, every Wednesday /r/hockey users gather in an age old tradition (of maybe ten months at most) to make a deal with the devil and wager against opposing fans on the outcome of hockey games.

Now, in the spirit of Wednesday, I would like to propose a wager to you.

First, the terms:

If I win our wager, you must wear a Lederhosen for a segment on your show on live air* and mention the loss of your wager seperately in one of your 'YA BLEW IT' segments.

If you win the wager, I will compose a poem praising your name and a photoshop of your face on a person, animal, place or thing of your choice, and let you distribute it in whatever way you prefer (on television, twitter, blog, etc.)

Now you think this may be one sided, and you're right! But to make it a little more fair, you get to choose the game we wager on. However, it must be a National Hockey League game anytime from today to this Tuesday, the twelfth of November.

Jay, would you do me the honor, of accepting my wager?

*Negotiable down to a Vine video of you twerking in said attire.

jonrait206 karma

I am totally confused. I'm sure you're a nice guy though

HopefulWisdom88 karma

Thanks for doing this Jay! What would you say is the biggest contrast between Fox Sports 1 and TSN?

jonrait420 karma

More money

mrsasaki84 karma

Did you ever, during your time in T.O, ever smoke crack with Rob Ford?

jonrait364 karma

Not even in a drunken stupor

eztarget89683 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. What's your favorite moment so far being on fox sports 1?

jonrait230 karma

Meeting Mike Tyson and having him scare the living crap out of us then reveal in a press conference 5 days later that he is still drinking and not sober

TyFi1082 karma

Why is Dan so short?

jonrait268 karma


some_bullshit80 karma

When birds migrate south for the winter, why do they come back in the summer? Seems unnecessary.

jonrait508 karma

They are returning to their true home. THey only go south to survive. Just like me at Fox Sports 1.

ThrowingBos74 karma

What would you say is the weirdest thing about Dan? And which one of us don't you like?

jonrait204 karma

He never wears sunscreen yet has a pale complexion

grubberz73 karma

Who has aged more gracefully, you or Dan?

jonrait220 karma

Dan for sure he has all his hair

FreddyBeach72 karma

Hey Jay! Big Fan... congrats on the marriage.

Question: Biggest difference between living in the states vs living in Canada? Weather notwithstanding.

jonrait241 karma

Easy: Health Care is not for free.

stephenlethbridge72 karma

Hey Jay! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. A couple of questions for you.

  1. You and Dan had a lot of repeated jokes and stuff on TSN. Did you guys feel like you had to adjust your style for Fox Sports One at all? For example, how do you think an American audience reacted to a Littlest Hobo reference I saw recently?

  2. Do you have any advice for people looking to get in to the world of sports broadcasting?

I had the pleasure of interviewing you and Dan for the Kraft Celebration Tour a few years ago. You said I seemed like a capable broadcaster, it’s proven to be a highlight of my career. Thanks for all your work, can’t wait to read Anchorboy (in stores now)!

jonrait235 karma

  1. We won't really change anything. We just have to explain who Littlest Hobo is... and then we will cram him down the throats of Americans at will.

  2. Watch sports.

muchtoonice72 karma

Do you ever feel more restricted at Fox Sports 1 than you did at TSN? Or is it a more open and free environment?

jonrait169 karma

Maybe even MORE open

hoffman86171 karma

How has life in LA affected producer Tim? Assuming he's still alive of course.

jonrait245 karma

massive coke habit

chilly8770 karma

What do you think of Dion Phaneuf?

jonrait177 karma

2nd year in league with Calgary thought he was amazing.... not sure why his play dropped from that level. Baffling actually.

timcielinski68 karma

Are you and Bobrovsky close friends?

jonrait139 karma

Never met him hope to this season

NoRefund558 karma

What are the odds we can get a Ian the PA vs. Ryan the PA cage-match fight to the death on the Podcst? Also, how does Engineer Jim's hair smell?

jonrait85 karma

Love this idea. I will implement it. Engineer Jim's hair smells really good actually

pdh198957 karma

If you could be an egg-laying mammal, which one would it be?

jonrait121 karma

Fish (caviar)

greedit54 karma

JAY! Huge fan. I love the fact that you brought your Canadian spirits to the US, it's incredibly refreshing! So what keeps your personality grounded? Also, you and Dan have been together for years now, how do you guys manage not getting tired of each other?

jonrait134 karma

We have simply fallen in love with each other. He is not a bad guy

GrizzlyBCanada52 karma

  1. What is your best James Duthie story?
  2. When will Regis be on the podcist?

jonrait88 karma

  1. He never invites me over to his house
  2. Probably never but I think he secretly likes us

number1username50 karma

Are there athletes at all that have good taste in music?

jonrait178 karma

Yes. Joffrey Lupul for one. Likes My Morning Jacket

AllisGreat49 karma

Which is your favourite team?

jonrait192 karma

Blue Jays

brtdud744 karma

A tweet just came out showing that ESPN's College Gameday had 1.8 million viewers Saturday while FS1 College Gameday had 54,000 viewers.

What are your thoughts on the huge monopoly ESPN has in sports and that FS1 seems to be suffering the same fate as NBC Sports Network, failing miserably at a foray into the cable sports ESPN competition field?

ETA: I know this question will not be answered and will probably even be downvoted but it's okay, I just want it out there. You were loved on TSN (by me as well) and then moved to America and get shit on. It's just not fair :(

jonrait139 karma

Give it more than 3 months brother!

Vancouviper43 karma

Do you like Hubba Bubba, or Double Bubble?

jonrait88 karma

Hubba Bubba

sofakingmad42 karma

hey Jay, welcome to the team. i'm currently in PCR202 working on Champions League. you should come down and say hi to us!

oh and tell Pat Muldowney he needs to work on his mustache.

jonrait67 karma

Hi thanks! Big fan of PCR 202 .... Muldowney takes enough abuse let's let him be

eagle-eye-tiger37 karma

Hey Jay. First off on the behalf of Canadian sports fans I would like to say we miss you like crazy and want you back. Now for my question, I had to deal with losing you and Alfie in the same year, it's been rough, what are your thoughts on Alfie leaving my beloved Senators to go to Detroit?

jonrait84 karma

I think it's a damn shame and made little sense. The guy should have been a sens lifer. They totally screwed that up. After all he did for the franchise just give him the money and be happy you had such a great person representing your team and town.

He always said he and his family would stay/retire in Ottawa. there was no reason for him to leave. It's pathetic.

tipthomper36 karma

Hey Jay, thanks for doing the AMA, big fan!

Any chance you are going to be stopping in the 'Peg on your tour? We do owe you a lot after you were single-handedly responsible for our team being renamed the Jets.

jonrait46 karma

Yes... I am planning to come to the Peg... hopefully early december... will keep you guys posted on my website

mrflips36 karma

JAY! Caps fan from Baltimore here that discovered you on /r/hockey awhile back. So I read all of the book yesterday and thought it was a solid read, and pretty funny. Kudos, man. Though, I did find it a bit unsettling how much of your time revolves around shitting or puking in extremely odd places or scenarios.

Here are my questions:

  1. You are stuck on a deserted island for the rest of you life and have to chose one of the following people to join you: Mike Milbury, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Joe Buck with some mutant hybrid of Aikmen and McCarver, or Bob Costas (with his full compliment of opinion tirades). Who do you chose?

  2. What's the absolute most bat-shit crazy fan base that you have ever encountered in your opinion?

  3. We all know Fox News Channel for their fucking crazy right-wing political bias. Were you and Dan weary of the Fox position because of their really polarizing nature?

  4. How does it feel to know that I've made sweet love to my woman while your show was on in the background? I consider you and Dan this generation's Barry White.

  5. Do you think Ovi will ever win a Cup?

Love you guys and your sardonic, witty, sense of humor; and my gf and I wish you nothing but the best with the book, on Fox, and in your new marriage. Can't wait to see you guys slowly chip away at the bullshit drama machine that ESPN has become. Also, if you are ever in the Baltimore area, you can crash at my house... I have beer, lots of sports channels on some big TVs, and there is a Tim Horton's around the corner from me.

jonrait82 karma

  1. Joe BUck
  2. Most bat shit crazy fan base (in a good way) Saskatchewan Roughriders 3/. Not at all but others thought we were joining news we've had to do a lot of explaining
  3. That's gross... but I'm strangely proud
  4. No.

Marc198835 karma

What's your work schedule at FS1?

jonrait104 karma

get to work at 5 write for 3 hours on air for 3 hours... in between i get make up from our super hot makeup artist Joanna whom you saw on the podcast.... life is not terrible

rcfresh34 karma

Hi Jay! I love your work, my question is what was the main reason for you moving to fox sports from TSN?

jonrait94 karma

  1. New challenge 2. Money

some_bullshit33 karma

What is the worst thing you have done in a drunken stupor?

jonrait73 karma

Puked all over my uncle's bathroom

jbillzz3331 karma

What's your personal opinion on the role of fighting in hockey? Do you think that player safety should trump something that's historically been a part of the game for a long time, or do you believe players assume the risk when they decide to play the sport professionally?

jonrait79 karma

I think fighting should be in. Seriously believe it solves more problems than it causes.

GDGillis2530 karma

Hi Jay! Are you going to be doing Olympics again this year? It makes so much better than it already is! Also is there any major changes in your style for when you and dan moved to fox? I don't get it up here :(

jonrait99 karma

Yes doing Olympics for FOX... no major style changes ... we will never change we are not smart enough

eatpraypoo30 karma

Onrait! Love Fox Sports 1. Does it ever get to your head...this is it I made it to the big leagues?

jonrait88 karma

Not really. I was happy at TSN! Just great to challenge yourself and do different stuff. I am very lucky

Tregood29 karma


jonrait45 karma

Miss thatguy

PSUProud28 karma

Damn it I'm 4 minutes late. Jay! Who's your favorite person to work with at Fox Sports One?

jonrait56 karma

Charissa is awesome

wickedstiffy25 karma

If you weren't in broadcasting what would you be doing?

jonrait61 karma


risnuff24 karma

Jay, as a budding young sports broadcaster myself, I am a huge fan of yours.

Now how do I stop saying "Mike, Boner's at the door!" or "Phil's a Jets fan!" to random people?

jonrait64 karma

You don't. Just go with it.

bourds1921 karma

Hey Jay, big canadian fan here from North Bay, ontario. 2 questions. 1. Now that you and Dan are gone, whos on the case? 2. What caused the decision to leave TSN? please dont say it was all about the money :(

jonrait82 karma

It was all about themoney

hkyplyr21 karma

Will we ever get to take a dump in Dan's car?

Also, I'm really excited to read Anchorboy, you (and Dan) are by far my favourite personalities on TV. And your podcast is amazing.

jonrait76 karma

Thank you it was really fun to write. Hope you enjoy it. I plan on taking a dump in dan's car right after this AMA

ThinkOTB17 karma

What do you think of Saskatoon?

jonrait35 karma

Loved living there. Awesome town. I intro'd Toolsey to the toon and he loves it. Crazy Cactus rules

uwpg201217 karma

What are your favourite memories working in Winnipeg?

Also, what Canadian thing did you have to explain the most to your Fox Sports co-workers?

jonrait28 karma

  1. Loved doing "best of" shows with Jon Ljungberg
  2. Toques

crosbysucks9117 karma

Do you like the Bee Gees?

jonrait35 karma

Huge fan. Great songwriters.

Larkin9117 karma

Jay, in your opinion what's the best part of your job?

PS: Did you know I'm a professional photographer?

jonrait39 karma

Best part of my job is that it never feels like ajob

Thronedgorilla16 karma

Favorite memory while covering hockey?

jonrait83 karma

going to Olympic gold medal game at Vancouver 2010 and having better seats than William Shatner

eatpraypoo15 karma

If you were to change one thing about your life story, what would it be?

jonrait108 karma

Would have gone on one of those Quebec exchanges in 11th grade and learned French and met a French girl and had sex with her. And learned french. Wish I had learned french

cude300015 karma

In lieu of "T.V. Theme Vault" being axed from the new podcast - what are some ones you were saving but never got a chance to share?

jonrait25 karma

Always wanted to do Mr.Belvedere

hashtagkwok15 karma

How integral were you and Dan in the hiring process of Mr.Logue?

jonrait39 karma

Very. We are solely responsible

kpd00113 karma

What do you miss most about TSN? And Canada? Will we ever get to see producer Tim?

jonrait50 karma

Miss coffee crisps.... you will never see Tim

ohnoitsrambo9 karma

Hey Jay, first off, thanks for everything you did at TSN. You and Dan have inspired me to become a broadcaster, and next year i will be starting a broadcasting program at NAIT in edmonton.

I dont have anything to ask, but i just wanted to thank you for all the laughs you guys gave me watching TSN every day.

jonrait20 karma

Well thanks man NAIT is a great school. Just be willing to take any job and go anywhere and you'll be fine

OrangeLeafs8 karma

What is the single biggest difference between working at TSN and working at FOX Sports 1?

By the way, which NHL team does Phil Kessel cheer for?

jonrait12 karma

Biggest difference is we have way more people working on the show

icehocey667 karma

If you had to choose, who's hair would you rather have: Charissa Thompson's or Andy Roddick's?

jonrait16 karma

Love this question.. CHarissa's obviously... at least I'd look like a member of Hanson. Andy has almost as big a forehead as me

pearlite7 karma

What do you miss the most about living in Kensington Market (or Toronto in general)?

How many darts does Producer Tim go through on an average day?

jonrait12 karma

Miss Ronnie's Local (69 Nassau) amazing bar great people. Tim is about a half a pack now

Chris_4ever7 karma

Thanks for doing this, Jay. I'm a Broadcast Journalism student in Ontario and was just wondering what advice you would offer to someone who wants to make it into the Broadcast industry?

jonrait12 karma

Watch sports.

NoWaxCrayons6 karma

Afternoon Jay!

Who's the bigger diva, O'Toole or Duthie?

jonrait10 karma

O'Toole by far

CombatGoose6 karma

How's the move to the US been? Do you miss Canada?

Was it all for the money?

jonrait8 karma

pretty much

snoop376 karma

Have you found anything comparable to the Crazy Cactus in LA yet?

jonrait9 karma

Yes. "Chez Jay" actual bar in santa monica

crosbysucks916 karma

Since you're a hockey fan that isn't a flyers fan? Do you hate the flyers? Personal thoughts on emery the other night?

jonrait12 karma

Don't hate anyone. No real thoughts on Emery.

Kozi475 karma

JAY! What was the toughest thing to get used to on the new show and in the states?

jonrait13 karma

having to pay for health care

larsy875 karma

Do you and Toolsy get along outside of work?

jonrait11 karma

Strangely yes

yveseluj4 karma

Best place you and Dan visited on the Kraft celebration tour? Any stories we should hear that didn't make the cut?

jonrait6 karma

Loved Estevan.

ahockridge4 karma

Hey Jay! What style of moustache will you go with this year?

jonrait8 karma

The Selleck

JohnVoljohn4 karma

Do you guys feel a lot more pressure working for Fox compared to when you were at TSN? Also, do you have the same degree of liberty/creativity in what you can say/do on air?

jonrait9 karma

Never feel pressure can't do anything about ratings... how people react... just be yourself and have fun I say

We have more creativity

espo922 karma

Jay. What would you give up first: ketchup chips or poutine?

jonrait11 karma

Could never ever give up poutine