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Hey Les, I can't get over the idea of pooping in the middle of nowhere. Does it get easier the more you do it, or is it still weird as heck?

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My first thought too when I read this.

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Cool. Tell that to my girlfriend and I who don't live together and don't know when we'll see each other again. We can't hug, we can't kiss, we can't other things, and it fucking sucks and it's not all "still there."

That said, I don't want to devalue what you're saying in its entirety, because you're right that it does help. I've been enjoying my zoom calls and voice chats with people. But even that will eventually grow old for most of us. You can't tell me that doing a zoom hangout with my - say - improv friends is just as good as being together, on stage. Or that virtually having a beer with a friend is just as good as going out to some bars and enjoying each other's company.

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Thanks for doing this, Jay. I'm a Broadcast Journalism student in Ontario and was just wondering what advice you would offer to someone who wants to make it into the Broadcast industry?