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Post history checks out.

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Mr. Onrait, I'm calling you out.

You see, every Wednesday /r/hockey users gather in an age old tradition (of maybe ten months at most) to make a deal with the devil and wager against opposing fans on the outcome of hockey games.

Now, in the spirit of Wednesday, I would like to propose a wager to you.

First, the terms:

If I win our wager, you must wear a Lederhosen for a segment on your show on live air* and mention the loss of your wager seperately in one of your 'YA BLEW IT' segments.

If you win the wager, I will compose a poem praising your name and a photoshop of your face on a person, animal, place or thing of your choice, and let you distribute it in whatever way you prefer (on television, twitter, blog, etc.)

Now you think this may be one sided, and you're right! But to make it a little more fair, you get to choose the game we wager on. However, it must be a National Hockey League game anytime from today to this Tuesday, the twelfth of November.

Jay, would you do me the honor, of accepting my wager?

*Negotiable down to a Vine video of you twerking in said attire.

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We beed some Levi's STAT!

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I would watch!

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Chewbacca driving a motorcycle (with gear).