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I know quite a few people who say that they don't like the Blue Collar Comedy guys, except you. Why do you think you're able to "transcend" the Blue Collar Comedy label and appeal to an audience that normally wouldn't appreciate that kind of humor?

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Hi Mr. Freeman,

You frequently play characters that are the calm voice of reason in a film. Is that just the kind of role you get offered or is it a conscious choice?

Personally, I love that role, since that’s the role I try to take in my own life.

And I’m sure there will be lots of questions on here about Shawshank Redemption, but I wanted to tell you how much I loved Unforgiven. Please do more Westerns!

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Hi Rob! Thanks for wearing an Emerson College Football shirt on the show, like, five seasons ago. Emerson students still talk about that. And thanks for creating such a messed-up, hilarious show that all of us messed-up people can quote endlessly.

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How satisfying is it to know that you might have made more grown men cry than anyone else?

Seriously though, I have so much respect for you and want to do what you do for a living. “Up” came out less than a year after my grandfather died, and I swear that Carl was modeled after him. Square-ish head, large thick-rimmed glasses, the same style white hair, the round nose, the cane, and the clothes. “Up” was the thing that finally got me past my grandfather’s death. I cried, like most people did when they saw the movie, but it was cathartic. I realized that someone’s death shouldn’t stop us from living, and it was almost like my grandfather was telling me that himself.

This may be my only chance to say thank you, so thanks for helping me get through a difficult time.

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Just make sure the Toaster Strudel isn't fresh out of the toaster. Don't want to burn your junk.