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Anatole, what do you see is the most ideal and fair system of government, and which countries have implemented that system of government the most faithfully?

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If you got in an anchor-off with Ron Burgundy, Tom Tucker and Kent Brockman, who would win, why, and how?

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Have you consulted with any other self made entrepreneurs on how to make your operation fully sustainable? What, if any tips have you gotten?

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Mr. Burns, your Civil War and Baseball documentaries have played a big role in my educational life (I'm an American History and baseball buff, by the way) so when I say you're one of my favorite documentary filmmakers, I'm not lying, and no it's not an overly specific superlative.

So here comes my question:

What are the chances that you make a professional or college football documentary, especially since football has become the most popular American sport, and it's viewed as a constant battle of strength and wits? Who would you interview, and would you incorporate Sam Spence's musical scoring if you made this documentary?

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To explain, I've always wanted to see the physics of that in motion. I heard that it will make a ball go farther.