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Good morning Michael, I want to give you a wholehearted thank you for opening up the discussion for people with mental issues to not be afraid of exposing themselves to their loved ones. It's something I have struggled with and still do, but your article on your good friend, Wade Belak's suicide as well as your own depression really opened the door for me.

I really wish I had a question for your AMA, but all I can think of is just saying thank you for opening the door for me and many others. Your show really cracks me up and other times I get fuming mad at the discussions, but I always come back and tune in. Thank you.

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You sexy beast!

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Grey goose vodka and costco house brand are apparently from the same factory just different bottle

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What is one liquor that is just a complete marketing scam? I've always thought vodka but I've heard some people say that scotch/bourbon/whiskey are all about marketing.

And what's a good port in your opinion? I'm partial to the Taylor floodgate 10year tawny.

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Lol. Thanks for forgiving the type-o. Half the time I type out so fast I don't even see the flub