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mrflips36 karma

JAY! Caps fan from Baltimore here that discovered you on /r/hockey awhile back. So I read all of the book yesterday and thought it was a solid read, and pretty funny. Kudos, man. Though, I did find it a bit unsettling how much of your time revolves around shitting or puking in extremely odd places or scenarios.

Here are my questions:

  1. You are stuck on a deserted island for the rest of you life and have to chose one of the following people to join you: Mike Milbury, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Joe Buck with some mutant hybrid of Aikmen and McCarver, or Bob Costas (with his full compliment of opinion tirades). Who do you chose?

  2. What's the absolute most bat-shit crazy fan base that you have ever encountered in your opinion?

  3. We all know Fox News Channel for their fucking crazy right-wing political bias. Were you and Dan weary of the Fox position because of their really polarizing nature?

  4. How does it feel to know that I've made sweet love to my woman while your show was on in the background? I consider you and Dan this generation's Barry White.

  5. Do you think Ovi will ever win a Cup?

Love you guys and your sardonic, witty, sense of humor; and my gf and I wish you nothing but the best with the book, on Fox, and in your new marriage. Can't wait to see you guys slowly chip away at the bullshit drama machine that ESPN has become. Also, if you are ever in the Baltimore area, you can crash at my house... I have beer, lots of sports channels on some big TVs, and there is a Tim Horton's around the corner from me.