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Mr. Elba,

I read a recent interview with Dominic West where he stated that David Simon was considering making a prequel for The Wire. The premise would be showing Avon and Stringer's rise to power, taking over the towers from a gangster played by Samuel L Jackson.

On behalf of all fans of The Wire, can you please lobby David Simon to ensure this happens?


Edit: link to the interview: http://uproxx.com/tv/2014/09/david-simon-wanted-a-prequel-to-the-wire-but-there-was-just-one-problem/

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I'm a huge fan of yours, a medium sized fan of Dans, an am relatively indifferent towards Producer Tim.

My question is: can you offer any words of hope to the long suffering Oilers fans such as myself?


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Hi John,

Could you please share a story or two about working with the great Nicholas Colasanto?


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I like getting bagels toasted with butter, but why on earth is there such inconsistency with this? Sometimes the bagels will be very toasted, other times not at all, sometimes a tonne of butter, other times very little, and everything in between.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the excellent work you've done for the CFL during your tenure, and I truly believe the CFL will be poorer with your absence.

My questions are: Do you view the pass interference replay challenge as a success? I liked the idea when it was first proposed, but after of watching challenges being upheld or overturned I'm more befuddled than ever as to what constitutes pass interference.

Secondly, as an Esks season ticket holder I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about the persistent rumours that there was CFL pressure placed on the Esks to trade Ricky Ray to Toronto. Since you're on the way out the door there's no harm spilling the beans now :)

Cheers, Matt