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I'm surprised you didn't say "Yes I love the Walking Dead, Sundays at 10 eastern on AMC. And don't forget about Mad Men, returning on April 7 at 10 eastern on AMC. AMC: Story Matters Here."

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When Ryan hit his head on the light fixture on Drew's desk what was your reaction

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Unlike Rob Ford's heart which will break due to cocaine-fueled arrhythmia

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SeƱor Billick, what do you think about how people compare teams without elite quarterbacks getting to the Super Bowl to your 2000 Ravens team?

As a 49er fan I heard this all 2011-2012, people saying we didn't need an Aaron Rodgers at quarterback because Alex could ride our defense just like Trent Dilfer did for you guys.

Thanks sir

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A tweet just came out showing that ESPN's College Gameday had 1.8 million viewers Saturday while FS1 College Gameday had 54,000 viewers.

What are your thoughts on the huge monopoly ESPN has in sports and that FS1 seems to be suffering the same fate as NBC Sports Network, failing miserably at a foray into the cable sports ESPN competition field?

ETA: I know this question will not be answered and will probably even be downvoted but it's okay, I just want it out there. You were loved on TSN (by me as well) and then moved to America and get shit on. It's just not fair :(