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Do you seriously think you're going to get 5%? You keep coming up in polls lower than joke responses. I mean what even makes you qualified to be President? The Libertarians have plenty of problems, but at least Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have experience with governing. I'd argue that even Donald Trump is more qualified than you to be President based solely on his shitty argument that running a company is like running the country. You have no qualifications, you say outlandish things, and you have no business being in this election. This election gave a real chance to third parties to show the country what they could be, and you failed spectacularly. No third party candidate will ever again have the opportunity you had in this election and you squandered it completely. Shame on you

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"I ain't with the drama, you can meet my llama" is one single positive lyric of his. It's his way of telling the kids to avoid unnecessary drama in their lives and instead to go to the Zoo and meet the animals. At least that's what I can make of it, it really makes no sense.

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So an article from four years ago is relevant to the fact that it's too late to cancel it? You're running for President, but you really do make arguments like a shitty internet commenter who cherry picks what parts of the comment to respond to

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Wasn't the decision to air it on Thanksgiving Day made so that parents would be there watching with the kids and be able to answer any questions the kids had?

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What's your personal opinion on the role of fighting in hockey? Do you think that player safety should trump something that's historically been a part of the game for a long time, or do you believe players assume the risk when they decide to play the sport professionally?