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That might be the darkest answer I've ever seen on an AMA. I love it.

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Chris, did you really shit yourself during that Parks and Rec outtake?

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Who is the most like their on screen personality? Who is least like theirs?

Also, do you think there are others like you that are waiting for the right time to strike?

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It is well known that NHL players are in general the nicest, most down to Earth athletes in the US. I've heard countless stories of hockey players, individually or as teams, do stuff other athletes would be rarely seen doing. I have a hat signed by nearly the entire Phoenix Coyotes team 15 years ago and I'm not even a fan of the team.

EDIT: I have another story I just remembered. Somebody I know was at the airport years ago (probably about 10 years ago) with his young son. Neither were really hockey fans but they notice a bunch of guys getting off a plane. Turns out to be the Detroit Red Wings plane. Now this is in Philadelphia and it is known that even though they rarely face each other, Detroit and Philadelphia fans do not really like each other. Both fan bases are very volatile. Anyways, the father and son go up to the players and ask if they can get an autograph. One of the players gets a spare hockey stick and gets the entire team to sign it. They instantly became Red Wings fans after that day.

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Hey Connor, what bar can I buy you a drink at in center city? Also, what teammate is the best dancer?