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I love your work and Mrs. Doubtfire is one of my favourite movies.

Two questions:

What was it like working with Robert de Niro in "Awakenings"?

You were friends with Christopher Reeve. What is your best memory of him?

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What made you decide to go to Roseanne's Comedy Central Roast, and how is your relationship with her now?

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I discovered the show during university (five years ago) and I enjoy it!

Have you ever thought of what the characters of the show would be doing 20 years later?

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I am old enough to remember you voicing characters on Care Bears, Babar and The Raccoons (my favourite is the latter). What were some of your best memories working on those shows and why does Canada produce so many great voice actors?

Also, who are you cheering for in the Olympics: Canada or USA?

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What are your favourite memories working in Winnipeg?

Also, what Canadian thing did you have to explain the most to your Fox Sports co-workers?