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Hope I'm not too late, couple of questions.

  1. What the best chirp you have ever heard?
  2. What suddenly made Chris Kontos so good in the 1989 playoffs?

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  1. What is your best James Duthie story?
  2. When will Regis be on the podcist?

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You bartended at the Viper Room for a bit did you not? Was there any celebrity that had a drink of choice that stuck with you for whatever reason?

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Hey Chris, as a Canadian citizen it is an honour to posit this question to yourself in such fashion. Would you congratulate Trudeau on his big victory last Monday, and how do you feel about him winning the Liberal leadership over Marc Garneau? Also, if you don't mind, who is the biggest inspiration that came over you to take up playing guitar? Thank you, sir. Best wishes in your future endeavours!

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Hey Lior. I changed jobs in February and went on LOA at my old job. My new job does deal a bit with the public and has said they could discuss options going forward with employment due to covid. My live in partners family is a bit at risk although we don't see them I am concerned about bringing covid home.

I'm wondering what options I have considering I've been working this new job 4 weeks and most of the last 52 weeks were at this place I'm LOA. I don't think they will shutdown so I would have to quit. If I went into self quarantine is there any benefits I could apply for if my ROE says quit? I don't have symptoms but I do want to do my part to fight covid but I got bills to pay as well.