Hey guys,

Original post is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/lwiq9h/hi_my_name_is_evelyn_i_was_born_with_two_vaginas/

I was born with 2 vaginas (one labia) 2 holes, a right and left hole that have their own cervix and uterus and one ovary attached to each side. I can have sex in either or both at the same time and I can fall pregnant in either or both at the same time. Please read original post for more info.

I had my baby via c-section at 37 weeks (I made it much further than expected). My baby was in my right vagina/uterus. He was born 2.5kg very small and squished but otherwise healthy. I was advised he wasnt able to grow any bigger due to the small size of the uterus.

My doctors did manage to remove both uteruses and sit them on my stomach to photograph for medical purposes. I know so many of you found this so fascinating and I don't think this has ever been photographed- so here is the image. (It was taken after my baby was removed from my right side you can see the sutures).**WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO MEDICAL PROCEDURE/BLOOD**

See here: https://imgur.com/a/QLckVDw

In my previous post i listed my medical documents but so many demanded i post photos of my 2 vaginas on reddit (which i wont! So don't ask me) there is link to my onlyfans in the original post I make content with both.

Recovery has been relatively easy aside from the fact i've had a period from my left vagina as well as recovering in the right. We are lucky enough to have sex in the left side reducing risk of infection and discomfort (after 6 weeks) and we may even use the left for the next baby if advised by my specialist.


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Muppet_Cartel355 karma

How old were you when you found out about your condition, and how has it impacted your life?

evelynuncovered663 karma

i was 20 i tried to have a termination but it 'wasnt in there' after an examination the doctors found the other vagina and i was still pregnant. its obvious when you know theres another hole there. But when you locate one hole you dont go right or left to notice another. It was quite traumatic but i was thankful i knew what was wrong/different with me. Id always known something was up. Hasn't impacted my life negatively now i know i can carry a child

EkariKeimei306 karma

Period and ovulation questions.

Are the periods synchronized, or in different phases? (Is that always true, or is one every 30 days and the other 26?) Do you have one ovary working per uterus, for ovulation, or two ovaries per uterus? Do you have twice the flow of blood, and does this require special accommodations, like common fainting, diet changes, or blood donations to accommodate when on your flow?


evelynuncovered478 karma

I have my period in each side at the same time as my hormones regulate my cycles. I use a tampon in each side. I get quite bad cramping. I have one ovary per uterus so it was unsure how long it would take for me to get pregnant as they dont know if both sides are fertile (only took 4 months and we were careful to only use the right so i dont get pregnant in both). Ive never had low iron i do have heavy periods but thats to be expected due to both. However my two uteruses are the size of one normal one so the amount of blood isnt too much more its just coming from 2 holes.

THE-Pink-Lady278 karma

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to meet or talk to another woman with a similar condition or at least a similarly rare condition? It’s very nice of you to be willing to share about it, but it seems like it would get annoying after a while people always being fascinated or weirded out. Just seems like it’d be cool to occasionally have someone to talk to who responds “Tell me about it! I knoooww!”

evelynuncovered226 karma

No I haven’t yet!! I don’t mind chatting about it though. Bodies can all be very different

sutatsonjohn267 karma

Might be a stupid question, but would removing the “wall” create one vagina?

evelynuncovered702 karma

haha yes and i dont want one huge vagina. The risk of creating one huge vagina is the one vagina would lead to two cervixes and two uteruses so the chances of falling pregnant in both at the same time is very high. I was strongly advised to avoid pregnancy in each at the same time due to the stress on my body and not knowing at all what would happen.

noperopeisdope257 karma

Hello to you from another person with uterus didelphys! Congrats on your successful delivery and healthy child!

Since I’m pretty familiar with this, I guess my question would be: what’s your favorite food?

evelynuncovered43 karma

Haha love this. Thanks so much ❤️.. pasta

Story-Large166 karma

How does the feeling compare, having sex in both vaginas compared with one vagina at a time? And do you have a favourite?

evelynuncovered311 karma

I prefer the right i always neglected the left side but im enjoying fucking both lately been getting more creative. My partner and I are very open obviously we make porn so id love to have one guy in each hole at the same time.

my_research_account9 karma

The positioning for that would be fascinating 🤔.

Would you have the usual positioning, just with the guy behind going to the front?

evelynuncovered15 karma

Haven’t figured out the logistics yet haha but I can almost have sex again so hopefully I can try soon!

NPKenshiro150 karma

This is a crude question but, with two vaginas, are they both involved when you have sex?, or do their sensations interact at all when you’re having sex?

evelynuncovered309 karma

they are completely seperate i orgasm way easier from the right and my bf is bent so he fits in the right better, though i use a dildo in the left as well sometimes

WishOneStitch128 karma

It appears one is larger than the other. Is that just because of the pregnancy? Are they similarly sized without the pregnancy?

evelynuncovered202 karma

One had a baby in it they fill it with gas to help get the baby out. They’re usually both small

BlackhawkXIII117 karma

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how brave and body positive this woman is? Having read through the previous post and comments, I'm blown away by how honest and thorough she's been in answering the literal thousands of questions Reddit has had. The internet can be a scary place! Revealing anything about your personal or medical history can snowball in any number of unpleasant directions, doubly so if you're a woman talking about female sexual health/sex work.

And yet, someone came along and said "Hey, I've got this interesting thing about my body. What do you want to know?" Then she followed through with responding to the inevitable torrent and did so with confidence.

While I definitely find the subject matter interesting from a human health and sexuality perspective, I think the social implications of this story are even more valuable.

Ultimately, I think young women need more role-models like the op. Insecurity about genitals is still a really common thing for women and in religious circles the topic is even more-often stigmatized. Like with any stigma or insecurity, open discussions in public forum can really help people to overcome their original views.

Thank you op for sharing your story and congratulations on your successful delivery. I hope you and the baby are doing really well.

evelynuncovered14 karma

Thank you so much for your kind words! This comment made my day ☺️. I certainly believe and hope people can be more Open about body autonomy. We are all so different

redditrookie70791 karma

Hi, a friend of mine dated a woman who was born exactly as you were. He told me that when she first told him before they had sex for the first time that she broke it to him as if she was confessing a murder. He wasn't turned off or thought it was a big deal at all, in fact he thought it was awesome and unique. Do you, or did you ever feel the same way as my friend's ex-girlfriend? Did you ever feel any shame or guilt, or feelings of inadequacy because of it? Did you break it to new partners before having sex for the first time, or did you let them find out on their own. For the record, I don't think you will find a single guy who would drop you because of it.

evelynuncovered127 karma

Yeah I told them before Incase they figured it out during, in my original post you’ll read I was a sex worker and a few clients figured something was up (I never told them prior) one was a gynaecologist who was completely fascinated the booking turned into a medical exam and another thought I had a sex change gone wrong and was so distraught haha 😂

capngabbers84 karma

did you continue to get periods from the other uterus during your pregnancy?

evelynuncovered230 karma

Thankfully i didnt because my hormones told my body i was pregnant so that stopped both cycles.

michalemabelle62 karma

Congratulations on the baby!

Have any of your doctors said anything regarding cancer screenings? I would guess two cervical openings would require two separate exams & potentially double your risk. That probably isn't the case, I'm just curious.

Thank you for posting!

evelynuncovered62 karma

Yes I’ve always had two Pap smears and two std checks. I can have thrush in one not the other too so inconvenient!

evelynuncovered15 karma

Yes two Pap smears I’ve had bad cells only in one uterus. I also need two std checks. I was a sex worker and I always had to tell doctors I needed two std checks one in each side and they were always so shocked I had to explain my situation constantly. Most doctors haven’t ever dealt with it. Though I’d usually see a specialist for all tests

Fuquar760 karma

Statistically, how many people are born with two vaginas in a year or decade? I'd imagine it would be pretty rare.

evelynuncovered141 karma

There are so many varied mutations but its quite rare to come across someone with 2 completely independent fully functioning systems

darthminimall47 karma

Sorry if this is too personal, feel free not to answer, but I'm wondering to what degree the anatomy is duplicated. Is it just the internal bits that are duplicated? Do you have two vaginas with all the surrounding anatomy (labia, etc.)?

evelynuncovered103 karma

i have one set of lips but when i spread them there are 2 holes instead of one. a right and left hole they are clearly visible. theres a wall between them

InvisibleBlueUnicorn34 karma

Sorry if this is too personal. I have few questions for 'science'.

If you have a second kid from the left vagina. Would your kids be true siblings at the DNA level?

Have you done DNA test on both ovaries/uterus to check if they match?
Maybe you are a chimera, who absorbed your twin when you were fetuses in your mom's womb and the extra set of organs were your twin's?

evelynuncovered45 karma

They would be siblings if they were both my bfs yes.

Haha no my mutation happened when I was an embryo my lower Spine is also different to a regular persons

42k-anal-eggs18 karma

How is your lower spine different? Does that include your pelvis and hips?

evelynuncovered7 karma

Just my lower spine is slightly deformed I’ve always had back issues. Pelvis and hips are fine

beebish24 karma

Have you named your different vaginas?

What about the kid?

evelynuncovered24 karma

haha no i haven't do you have suggestions?

Drubay16 karma

Ignore if too personal. I don't usually ask about people privates and understand if my questions are not within your comfort zone.

Does it cause any issues with anything, ie. More prone to infections, pain, etc..

I'm curious if a condition like this includes 2 vulvas or just 1. I saw the diagram you drew but that's the "inside" parts, is the "outside" separate as well? You say your bf can "choose" a side.

And urethra is it still only 1 or 2?

Is there any surgery you wish to have or exists?

Thanks for answering if you do, and I understand if you don't.

evelynuncovered47 karma

No issues just inconvenience 2 Pap smears 2 periods etc. yes my bf can choose which side to have sex in both feel very different. 1 vulva/lips but 2 holes. Right and left next to each other with a thick wall separating them. 1 urethra in the middle of both holes

reece_9313 karma

I don’t have a question, but I just wanted to say thank you for being so open about your condition? Abnormality? Not sure what to call it sorry. It’s truly fascinating and as someone who has a interest in biology and anatomy, your story has been amazing to read. Also, congratulations on the safe arrival of your child! :)

evelynuncovered7 karma

Thanks so much!

skullfucyou13 karma

This is incredibly fascinating. Did you go through puberty normally or because of 2 reproductive systems were the motions/pain’s heightened?

evelynuncovered4 karma

I think so. I didn’t know about the 2 until I was 20 (I knew something was up but didn’t know what) so it’s hard to say how puberty was

EloquentEvergreen13 karma

Okay, this is really interesting. If I understand this correctly, instead of one full reproductive system, you have two half but fully functional systems. You also said you can get pregnant in both sides, but your baby was small because the right side is small.

So, for the questions… If you were pregnant on both sides, how likely is it that both babies survive? I assume your body would treat it like dizygotic twins, two eggs fertilized by two sperm. Except in this case, in separate uteruses. How much larger is the other side?

evelynuncovered4 karma

They’re both tiny uteruses but my right cervix is stronger so was recommended to try the right side first as when the baby reaches its capacity growth wise in the small uterus my cervix can hold it in for a little longer. One in each side is possible they would even be slightly different in age (up to 3 weeks) we would need to have sex in each side around the same time. Its not recommended because one side might give in at 33 weeks say and the other at 37 so I’d need two c sections possibly different times

momijimanko10 karma

Do you have four ovaries? Twice as many eggs??

evelynuncovered23 karma

2 ovaries. one on each side.

VivaNOLA10 karma

Has the bifurcation been immediately obvious to all of your sexual partners, or would they need to know what to look for or have it pointed out?

evelynuncovered64 karma

About half/half. Some know somethings up and some are happy to be near a pussy so don’t notice haha

Paradigm67909 karma

You ever hear about double dick dude?

Match made in heaven.

evelynuncovered11 karma

Someone said he was fake?

olioli867 karma

A couple of things.

Was the C-section a choice or a requirement of your condition? If the latter what necessitated it?

Did the fact your uterus was small to begin limit how large it could stretch during the pregnancy and limit the foetal growth or you going full term?

evelynuncovered12 karma

C section was planned. Though if I went into early labour it would be an emergency c-section. Due to the wall that separates my vaginas and systems they were unsure if my baby would be able to come out vaginally/ how distressing it would be. There were too many unknowns. Also his size due to growth restrictions he may have been quite weak.

Periachi7 karma

How are you doing today?

evelynuncovered12 karma

I’m tired I grew a tiny demon that doesn’t sleep haha😴 how are you?

AussieDamo6 karma

Congrats and i hope you are taking it easy my wife hated the recovery from a c section.

Did you have an epidural or spinal tap or did they knock you out for it? I hope you weren't asleep for the birth.

What did you name your boy?

Hope you and bubs are doing well as being a new parent can be scary just take books with a grain of salt as every kid is different and you will find out what he like and doesn't.

Pro tip minimise the baby near/in your bed as it's an extremely hard to stop that habit as then they only settle in your bed, our first stopped at 4.5 years our 2nd and 3rd we stopped it straight away.

evelynuncovered5 karma

Thanks so much for the tip! Had an epidural it was very surreal. We’re adapting to broken deep slowly haha.

Oh no that sounds so hard I’ll certainly follow your advice! Thanks so much

Iampepeu5 karma

First off I just wanted to say congratulations on the baby and that it's good you're talking about your condition. There's still way too much stigma attached to being different in any way.

What was your lowest point, regarding your condition growing up, and what was the turning point, coming to terms with who you are?

Love, hugs, high-fives and fistbumps from Stockholm, Sweden!

evelynuncovered14 karma

Thanks so much! Trying to tell my mum tampons don’t work was frustrating when I got period I couldn’t figure out why I still bled with a tampon in. I need two one in each side

Lowest was when I was 20 i found out about the two systems because I was having a termination after he procedure I was told the embryo wasn’t in there after a second exam they noticed the second hole and the embryo was in the other side. It was very ver hard for me to have the procedure twice. Not many people have a termination and the embryo is still completely fine and healthy. I’m not religious but I did think life is trying to tell me to continue with the pregnancy

Tubi2shoes5 karma

This may sound weird, but if you were to hypothetically stimulate both g-spots simultaneously, would you/could you orgasm at different times? I’m genuinely curious not weird!

evelynuncovered9 karma

Yes probably though I can’t orgasm from my left side very easily for some reason

LostSadConfused115 karma

Have you ever thought of corrective surgery to remove the smaller uterus/ovary and have just one (to decrease the chance of double pregnancy and other complications?) Or is that not recommended?

evelynuncovered7 karma

No Incase that ovary is more fertile. There’s no way to tell how many eggs is in each side so I won’t remove one. It doesn’t cause me discomfort in anyway

cmmedit4 karma

I'm jealous that you got a photo where you get to see your insides!! Had surgery some years ago after a wreck and didn't even think to ask for some pics of my internals. Very badass. How's it feel to see some of the things that make you work??

evelynuncovered3 karma

Haha yeah I didn’t know they took them until he emailed it to me 😂 it’s pretty cool to finally understand it a bit more

bbgun1423 karma

Ok so I got 2 questions, 1 this is going to sound like I'm 12 but have u ever used both for pleasure. And 2 would you ever get one removed for like an easier life?

evelynuncovered5 karma

Yes I use both all the time for pleasure and no I’ll keep them both they don’t cause me discomfort at all and doctors can tell which ovary is more fertile so I could lose half of my fertility by removing a set

Brady12Gronk872 karma

Totally get if this is an offensive question (and I am sorry) but I am too curious, have you had sex in both holes at once before?

evelynuncovered8 karma

No but I want to. I’ve had sex in one and used a dildo in the other and used 3 dildos one in each vagina and anal

missanthropy092 karma

Why didn’t a gynecologist catch the condition before the termination? Surely they would have noticed with the first pap attempt, right? (At least, I would think so from your diagram!)

evelynuncovered2 karma

Yeah me too. After I found out I went back to my gynae who did the pap who was really apologetic and embarrassed as it is easy to spot I think she just found one hole and wasn’t paying attention

poxyresin2 karma

So are you still having a period from your non pregnant uterus while pregnant in the other one? If so, that sucks. Lack of a period was the best part of pregnancy for me.

evelynuncovered6 karma

Thankfully no my hormones regulate cycles so my period stopped in my left side. I couldn’t cope with preg and a period haha

culingerai2 karma

Are there any theories on why your DNA has spun you dual reproductive systems? Is there any chance of a chimeric twin being a cause?

evelynuncovered4 karma

It’s a mutation that occurred when I was an embryo. Female reproduction is developed in two parts and fuses together. Mine didn’t

chadharnav2 karma

Ever thought of getting a hysterotomy to remove one of them?

evelynuncovered6 karma

No because one might be more fertile than the other i may risk the ability to have more children. They don’t cause me discomfort

jamieanne323902 karma

Hi there! Thank you for sharing something so personal. This is really fascinating!

I was curious, could you (theoretically) get pregnant in both uteri (uteruses?) at the same time by 2 different people?

evelynuncovered5 karma

Yes! 😊

penisdr2 karma

Do you know if you have 2 kidneys? I took care of a pregnant patient in the past that had didelphys and she only had one kidney.

evelynuncovered2 karma

That’s very common I think for people with these mutations to have one kidney. But I have two

NeurotypicalPanda1 karma

Ever had sex with both holes at the same time??

evelynuncovered1 karma

I want to. I’ve had sex in one and dildo in the other

fluffedpillows1 karma

Were your periods synced up?

evelynuncovered1 karma

Yes same time in each side