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It depends. Sure, some celebs just "donate their time," which is bullshit, but let's ignore them for now. If you're famous, and you're going to donate 100k, it's very possible spending some portion of that money on advertising, combined with the weight of your name, raises more than your initial 100k.

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Sorry if this is too personal, feel free not to answer, but I'm wondering to what degree the anatomy is duplicated. Is it just the internal bits that are duplicated? Do you have two vaginas with all the surrounding anatomy (labia, etc.)?

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Whoever put the microchips in the vaccine. They don't want us to know there are microchips in the vaccine so they're paying Microsoft employees to spread misinformation.

(It should be pretty obvious I'm shitposting, but your post was basically the perfect set-up for a Kafka trap)

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How much did they pay you to post this?

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I've heard that some of the members of the Philadelphia Orchestra have some rather large egos (not naming names, obviously). Is there any truth to this? If so, does it ever cause problems? There were a lot of problems with that sort of thing in my university orchestra, I'm wondering if it gets better or worse.