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I can’t give birth naturally my uterus will give up and not be able to stretch anymore anytime from 30 weeks. Due to a strong thick cartilage like wall that separates both systems I can’t give birth the baby would get stuck. I have a scheduled c section atm for 36 weeks but it’s unlikely I’ll make that date, I’m monitored fortnightly now for signs of my uterus and cervix weakening

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I have two periods so I bleed from each side at the same time because my hormones tell them to. It’s not very fun I need two tampons one for each side. My obstetrician didn’t know whether my left uterus would have break through bleeding. As I’m pregnant in my right side my left is sort of having its own phantom pregnancy because my hormones dictate what’s happening. So the left is rich and full like it’s also meant to have a baby in it but no baby

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I haven’t actually tried to be honest!

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Haha other way round actually the left is smaller than the right side

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My mum was an IVF nurse so questions from her and her colleagues were always very Incase so I kept it secret for a long time especially during my time as an escort now I’m pregnant I’m more open to speaking about it as it hasn’t hindered my chances of having a baby. I’m enjoying bringing awareness to different bodies and how they work