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BlackhawkXIII117 karma

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how brave and body positive this woman is? Having read through the previous post and comments, I'm blown away by how honest and thorough she's been in answering the literal thousands of questions Reddit has had. The internet can be a scary place! Revealing anything about your personal or medical history can snowball in any number of unpleasant directions, doubly so if you're a woman talking about female sexual health/sex work.

And yet, someone came along and said "Hey, I've got this interesting thing about my body. What do you want to know?" Then she followed through with responding to the inevitable torrent and did so with confidence.

While I definitely find the subject matter interesting from a human health and sexuality perspective, I think the social implications of this story are even more valuable.

Ultimately, I think young women need more role-models like the op. Insecurity about genitals is still a really common thing for women and in religious circles the topic is even more-often stigmatized. Like with any stigma or insecurity, open discussions in public forum can really help people to overcome their original views.

Thank you op for sharing your story and congratulations on your successful delivery. I hope you and the baby are doing really well.