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Period and ovulation questions.

Are the periods synchronized, or in different phases? (Is that always true, or is one every 30 days and the other 26?) Do you have one ovary working per uterus, for ovulation, or two ovaries per uterus? Do you have twice the flow of blood, and does this require special accommodations, like common fainting, diet changes, or blood donations to accommodate when on your flow?


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Congrats on the successful pregnancy on the one side!

It kinda makes sense that the periods would be sync'd by hormones, because why wouldn't they be sync'd? Have you considered getting the "implant"?

I'm kinda surprised you don't need special accommodations because even though two holes you probably have a "normal" amount of blood loss (all things considered) -- so many periods have different flows (amount of blood and length of period).

Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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What are you most afraid of, when your sight is gone?

Do you have any long-term hopes of regaining your sight or hearing with advances in technology? Or do you think it is inappropriate to get your hopes up?