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I'm not the OP, but I've read quite a few different suggestions on how UBI's should work. I'll attempt to answer your questions based on my observations, but cannot speak to specifics from the program OP is a part of.

How does the taxation work on UBI? It seems that a government provided stipend would be exempt from tax?

Under most plans, the idea is that the UBI is tax-free

What do you see as the end game for UBI? Would everyone get it, or just people who are not making ‘enough’ money?

This will depend pretty heavily on a whole host of details. The basic idea is that it is supposed to be truly "universal" and everyone over a given age should receive it. There are dozens of minor variations.

If we incentivize the prospect of making the maximum cutoff wage for UBI, how will that affect minimum wage, and societal objectives as a whole?

This is unpredictable and very likely to depend heavily on cultural norms as well as the types of entry level or low-skill jobs available. This is one of the primary reasons studies are needed.

Are there restrictions on how you can spend the UBI? Do you need to provide proof that the money is ‘needed’ to support a basic level of ‘comfort’?

The most common idea is "no". It's you're money to spend as well or as poorly as you decide. I've seen some suggested methods to that effect, but rarely by people actually interested in seeing a UBI implemented.

Is there a minimum age restriction, or a minimum level of education to qualify? Should there be a maximum time one could receive UBI?

The age restriction is a pretty common one, youre the first I've seen suggest the possibility of an education requirement, and the most common suggestions almost never suggest a time limitation.

Are you personally concerned about people making life choices to qualify for UBI, because it is ‘easier’ than continued education or other efforts?

The most commonly suggested aspect of UBI would make it so that there is never a point where employment would not be beneficial. It is also rather uncommon to see suggestions that the UBI be sufficient to lead a comfortable employment-free life. It is usually suggested to be enough to allow for any sort of employment to elevate one out of poverty, but not enough to make it easy to freeload.

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Congrats on the baby, btw.

Not sure if anyone would have mentioned this, given the subject and how people can be about the subject, but I know this tidbit wasn't really mentioned to either of us before my first baby arrived: its not unusual for sex to feel a bit unusual or uncomfortable for a few months after getting to have sex again, but that usually goes away pretty quick (You may even luck out and be one of the ones for whom it's better for a while). Hormones do weird stuff to a body during the pregnancy, and they can do different weird stuff after. No idea how the split uteruses (uteri? what's the plural of that?) will affect all that, but thought I'd try to mention it since I know it wasn't mentioned to us.

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The positioning for that would be fascinating 🤔.

Would you have the usual positioning, just with the guy behind going to the front?