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Okay, this is really interesting. If I understand this correctly, instead of one full reproductive system, you have two half but fully functional systems. You also said you can get pregnant in both sides, but your baby was small because the right side is small.

So, for the questions… If you were pregnant on both sides, how likely is it that both babies survive? I assume your body would treat it like dizygotic twins, two eggs fertilized by two sperm. Except in this case, in separate uteruses. How much larger is the other side?

EloquentEvergreen2 karma

Thanks for responding. It’s really interesting and I’m happy you’re willing to talk about it. I’m not sure why I thought the left side was larger. I re-read the post and I don’t see anything that would suggest it. While I don’t expect any more answers, I do have some more questions if you happen to read this and want to answer.

If you chose to use the left side next time around, with it having a weaker cervix, wouldn’t there still be a greater risk of the baby coming a lot earlier? Would you need a cervical cerclage? Would the baby be about the same size? Or possibly smaller?

Congrats on the new baby, by the way! How is he doing?