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Is there any quick reference guide/card for all hotkeys for OneNote?

If so link please.

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Sorry if this is too personal. I have few questions for 'science'.

If you have a second kid from the left vagina. Would your kids be true siblings at the DNA level?

Have you done DNA test on both ovaries/uterus to check if they match?
Maybe you are a chimera, who absorbed your twin when you were fetuses in your mom's womb and the extra set of organs were your twin's?

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Do you guys like 'The Big Bang Theory' sitcom?

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  • A Type I civilization—also called planetary civilization—can use and store energy which reaches its planet from the parent star.

  • A Type II civilization can harness the total energy of its planet's parent star (the most popular hypothetical concept being the Dyson sphere—a device which would encompass the entire star and transfer its energy to the planet(s)).

  • A Type III civilization can control energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy.

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How much do you guys relate to Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, or Raj?