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Look, don't be too grossed out. Shit comes outta the ass. You've got that wrapped (sewn) up so to speak. It's just extremely processed food being ejected by the digestive system. Probably could sell the bags of preprocessed organic nutrients to the folks out here in LA.

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I'm jealous that you got a photo where you get to see your insides!! Had surgery some years ago after a wreck and didn't even think to ask for some pics of my internals. Very badass. How's it feel to see some of the things that make you work??

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Still remember being 5 and watching Head of The Class with my parents. They loved it and so did I. Been a fan of yours for decades. Keep that pen to the paper!! Oh, gotta have a Q: Any particular favorite spots for coffee/teas in the Hollywood area?

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The LAP and SFS meet in the street. A massive fight erupts. Who is the winner in a no holds barred dirty street fight? Everyone has their concert attire and instrument too.

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Possibly! But what an elegant display of battle with a no doubt beautiful score. And if anyone has their old roll-heeled band shoes, they could avoid the scuffs lol.

Looking forward to the upcoming performance. Have fun with it!!