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How did it feel to tell your [insert someone in your life who had previously been negative towards your interests here] that you were going to play fantasy sports professionally?

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Hey Jeff!

I'm a minimalist & find that I'm happier with less stuff & when I give/receive experiences rather than items.

Do you find consumer happiness reflects this shift towards minimalism since that is a (small, but seemingly growing) trend, especially among Millennials?

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You say you want to end drug enforcement... Which drugs specifically are you referring to? Are you wanting to completely decriminalize all drugs? If so, what sort of health system protocols are you willing to install to ensure better access to rehab services & other mental health services? What forms of drug prevention education are you willing to endorse if this is successful?

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I get that.

Social values are weird, even in "modern" society.

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Dude, I got 11 year olds doing heroin. Had a junior killed last week.

I'll be Carl & ruin shit all day long.