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The first rule of luxury fight club...

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What would you say is the best approach for somebody who would like to have a go at designing and publishing a game with minimal personal risk financially?

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I'll jump in (pun intended) here to say that as a parent of a two and four year old, swimming lessons are without a doubt the best class they have done.

Both my kids can happily be chucked into a swimming pool now without getting upset or stressing and the eldest can right himself and get back to the side without any flotation. He can swim close to a length now without flotation.

This isn't me bragging, I don't think he's an anomaly, he just started at about 12 weeks old and has had a term time swim lesson pretty much every week barring Covid shutting the pool for some time.

If you can sign them up early and keep them going, it's one of the few classes that could save their life.

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Thank you for the response.

If I could ask a follow up question... When you have your own ideas or others send you them. What is your "testing" process to see if they are fun games to play.

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How much variety in style is there for producing an ideal CV based on the type of job?