What's up Reddit, I'm Philip Lassiter!

You'll probably know me best from my time as the trumpet player, section leader and composer for Prince but I am also an 11x Grammy winning arranger, composer, songwriter and solo artist! I am currently working on my new album Live In Love and am here to answer your questions!

Artists I have worked with include:

Prince Ariana Grande
Timbaland Roberta Flack Jill Scott Hamilton w/ Barack Obama Kelly Rowland Fantasia Anderson Paak Yelawolf Queen Latifa Al Jarreau The Isley Brothers My Morning Jacket Lee Ann Womack Big & Rich, and more.

You'll find my full discography on my website

I have performed all over the world including at the legendary Montreaux performance with Prince and The New Power Generation. Ask me anything!




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Bankerwilly391 karma

Out of all the celebrities you have work with, who has been the most delightful and who has been the worst?

PhilipLassiterAMA905 karma

Prince was def the most delightful by a LONG shot. He had nothing to prove. A strong personality and intense, but a gentleman and quite confident but kind and so fun to be around.

PhilipLassiterAMA596 karma

I try not to talk about negative experiences. There are many unfortunately but I try to put them behind me and focus on what's ahead. You dig?

RadioPengin185 karma

Honk honk, or toot toot?

PhilipLassiterAMA442 karma


notelicrivers119 karma

You’re gonna carry that weight.

PhilipLassiterAMA146 karma

for a long time

illtrumanati151 karma

Was there ever a point you considered not pursuing music as a career?

PhilipLassiterAMA492 karma

I think everyone does at some point. It's an unstable profession and full of lows and disappointments. I didn't think about it for long tho. I'm not very good at much anything else but music. LOL I never had a fallback plan. I worked as a church music director and played in cover bands but it wasn't for me. That was the closest I've ever had (as an adult) to a regular job. However, I'm grateful for my dad making me work as a teenager. I was a janitor, mowed lawns, drove a tractor and lots of tough labor. It's funny, while earning my masters degree I remember cleaning bathrooms and, a few hours later, putting on a tux to perform as a soloist in front of 500+ people with my universities jazz band. I remember thinkin, "life is a trip". HAAA

d0rf4759 karma

that is actually insane! big ups to you though seems like it all paid off in the end.

orcateeth83 karma

OP was down-to-earth and mature enough understand that bills have to be paid, and until music pays those bills, a non-musical job is necessary. Unlike many artists who freeload off of others while awaiting that elusive "big break."

PhilipLassiterAMA105 karma

Yes, I don't dig those cats. LOL

randomq17151 karma

When you write music what instrument do you write for first? Does it ever change or is it always the same? Do you go around with music for others or do they come to you?

PhilipLassiterAMA199 karma

It's different. I try to mix it up. I write at the piano a lot but I also produce tracks. Sometimes a song idea or hook comes to me while half asleep or in the shower, with no instrument at all. :)

scJazz75 karma

Follow up if u plz. Do you dream the music?

PhilipLassiterAMA141 karma

A few times I think I have. I have gotten some great ideas while coming out of sleep. I've jumped out of bed to write songs at 3am. I wrote one of my best songs that way for my lady. It's called "Our Love Is Gold" and it's on my album Philthy - Party Crashers. :)

randomq1744 karma

It's fascinating to me what the artist's process is and how it varies from artist to artist. Thanks for the answer!

PhilipLassiterAMA73 karma

I try to be open to inspiration in a variety of ways. I think the best ideas sometimes come while doing something other than music..like driving, showering, gardening...etc

Bridge_Too_Far136 karma

Did you ever get to play basketball with or against Prince? What was the weirdest thing you experienced when working with him?

PhilipLassiterAMA192 karma

We rehearsed a lot in his basketball court. Even recorded in there once. Never played with him. Weirdest? hmmmmmm.... The whole experience was quite strange but amazing.

skyHawk361380 karma

Did Prince make you all pancakes after rehearsal?

PhilipLassiterAMA133 karma

HAHAHHA Hell naw...but he got catering sometimes. :)

gavebirthtoturdlings133 karma

Are you able to stay motivated enough to keep making music? (Sorry to over simplify what you do) I'm a producer and I constantly find myself battling with well, my self. I love music its the only thing I've ever been okay at. I just struggle. Lets say one day I can make a start on 4 tracks and then I can't even make a good drum beat after that for 2 solid months. Like I just can't do it. What keeps you motivated on a personal level?

PhilipLassiterAMA560 karma

I think that's common. It's important to feed your creativity. Take a walk, read a book, watch a documentary or great film, listen to music that inspires. If you can't make a dope beat, copy a dope beat for the sake of practice. Sometimes ya just gotta begin. Just start. First few bars might suck, but usually we stumble into something good. Sometimes I find that I'll make a couple short ideas and the BAM....the 3rd or 4th idea is magic. Don't let yourself get stuck. Keep searching. Every idea isn't Grammy worthy. It's not even worthy of more than a quick thought. Let them come...let them go. They ain't sacred. Their just silly ideas. All of em. Some are profound. Most are not. It's the exercise that makes us great. Just focus on developing yourself. If you aren't happy with what you are creating, learn some new shit.

PhilipLassiterAMA81 karma

Looking forward to this QnA ya'lllll.....Will begin in 10 mins ;)

baabahope78 karma

How involved were the artists with writing horn lines? Also... Did Prince ever try to play a horn when you were with him?

PhilipLassiterAMA169 karma

He knew what he wanted. He did dictate certain things but they were mostly supportive ideas. I.e. shots and stabs. Hook lines etc. He also liked to turn me loose and let me write arrangements and features for the horns. Sometimes we flushed out arrangements together while the 20 piece band waited in silence. That was fun but intimidating. But mostly fun. :)

thelionparty62 karma

Any artists you really want to work with who you haven't had the chance to work with yet?

PhilipLassiterAMA147 karma

OH HEEL YES. Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Max Martin, Harry Connick Jr, Wil.I.AM, GAGA, Adele, CeeLo, so many many more...

wolfmatic49 karma

What’s the deal with only working with multi platinum/diamond pop stars? Is that a money seeking move or you genuinely think these people do what you’re passionate about in music and genre?

Speaking of which, what is it about pop music that drew you in to this industry?

PhilipLassiterAMA166 karma

Thank you for being so honest. I guess I was thinking in terms of artists who everyone here might know. Yes, these artists listed are people I really dig. Harry Connick isn't a pop artist tho. I love GOOD music. I don't care if it's pop or not. There are 2 types of music to me. Music I like and music I don't like. I love good pop. Most of it isn't. These artists are soulful and talented imo. They have deep roots in gospel, jazz and soul. I dig that. Now, I absolutely love to work with up and coming artists, indie and such. In fact, I am releasing an album in May featuring several new artists: Durand Bernarr, Josje (Josephine Rojer) Jonathon Hoard, Mackenzie, Mariah Meshae, Charles Jones, Munir Hossn and more! Be on the lookout. Philip Lassiter - Live In Love May 28


DogSoldier673 karma

Harry Connick Jr... LOL

PhilipLassiterAMA10 karma

the baddest cat on the planet

drchickenbeer3 karma

The man doesn't get the respect he deserves.

PhilipLassiterAMA5 karma

He does with some

hatersaurusrex58 karma

What's the most difficult part of the songwriting process for you? The easiest/most natural? And how do you push past the tough parts?

PhilipLassiterAMA129 karma

Hmmmm... I think the most difficult part is getting started. That and, verse 2. Sometimes it's best to set it aside and come back to it. The Beatles said "the best songs rewritten". That's a paraphrase. The key is to take it slow. Don't be in a rush and don't be so married or connected to your ideas that you can't change, improve them or hear them another way. It's best to have an open mind and always look for ways to improve everything.

Impressive_Toe_890057 karma

Do you ever get tired or bored of your job?

PhilipLassiterAMA115 karma

Absolutely. Careers develop in phases. I'm still in the freelance phase. I'm grateful to be working but I would love to be able to focus primarily on my own compositions and recordings, under my name. I have a new record dropping in May. Philip Lassiter - Live In Love. I'm geeked about it. I would like to be able to devote all my creative energy into projects like this.

alldayerrdaym854 karma

What was the most surprising thing you discovered working with certain artists? I don't mean negatively ofc, just something that made you go "damn alright I REALLY did not expect that".

PhilipLassiterAMA190 karma

Every time Prince picked up a guitar & sometimes his piano playing.

Prince also used to say things like, "let's make history". He said that to me personally a couple times. I remember thinking, "noone has ever said that to me. Am I in an episode of the Mighty Ducks or something?" HAHA

After he died I realized that we did, indeed make history. I wasn't considering the source when he said those words. Silly me.

Logician9146 karma

What’s the last thing that inspired you to create? Or is currently inspiring you and why?

PhilipLassiterAMA121 karma

I love listening to Dilla and real hiphop. I also love world music, Fela Kuti etc..

I want to explore fusing African and Caribbean music with soul and funk. That really excites me atm.

BenL9045 karma

what is your thought about streaming service? What's your source revenue? Is it concert or other? seems this topic always heat up between musician *I'm no musician and I want to know a side story from a musician

PhilipLassiterAMA84 karma

I'm pretty bummed out about streaming companies monopolizing everything and not paying artists and songwriters what they deserve for creating the content that they sell. I make a living as a freelance horn/string arranger and sometimes music producer and contractor. As an artist and bandleader, I make the most revenue from live shows like most everyone else.

youngluke44 karma

What’s the piece of music that still haunts you to this day (for better, or for worse)?

PhilipLassiterAMA94 karma

yoooooooo.....Harry Connick's 2nd Christmas album. His arrangement of Silver Bells is the most eerie and hip thing I've ever heard. I still haven't dug into it but I will one day. If/when I meet him this will be the first thing I bring up.

Raythunda12541 karma

What’s the one thing, from your perspective, most people misunderstand about music?

PhilipLassiterAMA90 karma

Hmmmmmm..... Maybe that, with the most intricate and beautiful music, one must have an open mind, free of judgement & expectation. Expectation being the key word here. Just receive it. Let it be whatever it is and try to let it melt into your spirit. Try listening to classical music & John Coltrane with that mindset. :)

PhilipLassiterAMA62 karma

Best question yet btw.

Maverrick8934 karma

What notation software do you prefer & what's your composition setup like?

What's the songwriting process like when working with some of the big names - do you just write tunes & then send them out to people, see who wants it?

I know a lot of vocalists like to sing in very specific keys / ranges, so is there ever collaboration happening while you write?

With all the writing, do you still find time to play? Favorite daily embouchure maintenance exercises?

PhilipLassiterAMA66 karma

Well maybe this thing should be called "Ask me EVERYTHING". LOLOLOLOL

Just kidding....

Sibelius software but I compose in logic and protools.

My experience working with big names is mostly arranging horns and strings. That's my bread and butter. I'm still and aspiring songwriter. :)

I love to collab and yes it's important to find a singer's key.

I play everyday almost. I took a lesson with Bobby Shew and I use his warmup. Lip flaps, lip buzz, mouthpiece buzz, leadpipe long tone, pitchbends

then I practice.


Perfect_Dog_Pelt32 karma

What is Timbaland like as a person? Is he as talented a producer as he seems? What's he doing nowadays??

PhilipLassiterAMA56 karma

I only met him once actually, He is super nice. Oh yes, he is THAT talented. LOL

Logician9128 karma

What are you currently listening to that may surprise folks?

PhilipLassiterAMA47 karma


PhilipLassiterAMA28 karma


ChaseAlmighty26 karma

I can't think of anything to ask but as a prince fan since I was 4, so 40 years now, I want to say thank you for the music.

Omg. I just thought of one. I don't know if you were part of it but in the song Lolita on the recorded version he uses synthesizers on the hook which sounded dated but on the American Idol appearance he used horns which sounded far better. Do you know why he would do that? There's more examples of the live version sounding better than the recorded version and I always wondered why

PhilipLassiterAMA42 karma

I'm not hip to this song(Prince has so many) but, in the 80s), synthesizers were so popular that he used them a ton. This was industry standard at the time. He is a pure music lover and a purist in some ways. He got back to live horns in the 90s but he still preferred synths on the albums sometimes. Maybe because he could play them in the studio to get his ideas out and then just kept it cuz he was used to it. Then when it was time to play live, he had horns so he might as well use em. That's my guess....

RJHand22 karma

How was your experience working with Prince? Any cool stories? Also, I know that he often did long sound checks, then played a full show, then would sometimes go to late night clubs for aftershows. How was it working those long hours daily for long periods at a time? And I take it rehearsals and recording sessions were just as intense?

PhilipLassiterAMA31 karma

It was epic. The time of my life. Sometimes? We ALWAYS played afterparties.

3 hour soundcheck. eat. 3 hour show. shower. 3 hour afterparty.

PhilipLassiterAMA26 karma

Rehearsals were 8-12 hours. sometimes we had 16 hr days.

rgoncalves19 karma

What are your thoughts on the transition of the music industry to large streaming services? From your perspective how has it changed the industry for the better or for the worse?

PhilipLassiterAMA42 karma

So bummed out by it. It's highway robbery. It will hopefully change soon.

coolmanjack19 karma

Is there a specific or multiple Ariana Grande songs you can point to that you've worked on?

PhilipLassiterAMA31 karma

Almost Is Never Enough and Better Left Unsaid I did string arrangements on.

ConfidentialX17 karma

Which artist (or group) who are no longer with us would you have liked to work with?

PhilipLassiterAMA30 karma

Jon Hendricks the jazz singer.

ConfidentialX9 karma

Will check him out! Edit: wow just listened to Moanin, what a piece!

PhilipLassiterAMA16 karma

CHeck out Cloudburst

PhilipLassiterAMA10 karma

& Lambert Hendricks and Ross!

Logician9117 karma

Do you believe artists have a responsibility to make music that helps people during these times or can music making be selfish?

PhilipLassiterAMA39 karma


greenmtnfiddler16 karma

What track/cut/album somehow just never's gotten the attention it deserves?

PhilipLassiterAMA28 karma

So many....like, every great jazz record ever made. LOL

Ok, seriously tho.

Tommy Sims, "Peace & Love".

dirkdigles10 karma

oh man, the title track is AWESOME. Tommy is a friend of a friend of mine. If you've never listened to Simon Grey, you should check some of his stuff out. It's generally incredible. Galactica Suite. Look up Rasmus Faber Presents Simon Grey

PhilipLassiterAMA5 karma

Word up!! Would love to know Simon.

superbadonkey14 karma

Any wild stories about Prince like Charlie Murphy's story about BBall and pancakes?

PhilipLassiterAMA41 karma

Nothing too wild. We all have stories. Most of mine are music related because that was our relationship. I didn't try to get to close to him personally. I was happy with our musical friendship & didn't want to risk it by being buddy buddy. One time I called him "P", cuz some of us would refer to him as P in our email threads. He quickly corrected me and said, "Prince". I didn't miss a beat. I said, "Prince"...and then asked him the question I was intending.

Hippopotamidaes14 karma

Mr. Lassiter, can you share your music origins—did you start on trumpet, what led you to music, and do you have a preference between performing vs writing?

PhilipLassiterAMA38 karma

piano at a very early age. trumpet at 9. music led me to music. no preference. except writing pays more and you can't get tomatoes thrown at you.

theWaymaker12 karma

When did you realize you were actually making it in the industry, how far along the path were you?

PhilipLassiterAMA44 karma

I'll let you know when I have this realization. :)

StupidFlandrs12 karma

Are you ever cautious about listening to other performer's music because you might include parts of it in your own new music?

PhilipLassiterAMA16 karma


Blacksheep0112 karma

What do you think is the best song you've ever written? If you can't choose one, I'm curious what your top 3/favorites are.

PhilipLassiterAMA21 karma

Butterfly from Philip Lassiter - Dreamzzz

Die Fighting from Philip Lassiter - Dreamzzz

Diamond In The Rough from Philthy - Party Crashers

Live In Love from Philip Lassiter - Live In Love (drops May 28)

biggus_dickus-2312 karma

What is your favorite My Morning Jacket addition or alteration you made, or favorite song of there's?

PhilipLassiterAMA16 karma

I performed with them at Bonnoroo back around 09 or so. It was epic. 20k people standing in the rain. The show lasted 5 hours.

jazzguitarboy11 karma

Did you ever get to work with Clare Fischer while with Prince? If so, any stories?

PhilipLassiterAMA27 karma

Also, apparently Prince never actually met Clare in person. He had the chance a couple times but he passed because he said he had an image of what Clare looked like and didn't want to be let down. (or something like that). LOL Like, he invisioned Clare as some renaissance Mozart looking dude. HAHAHAHA

PhilipLassiterAMA25 karma

No but I know his son Brent. I've been to Clare's house in LA and was able to sit in and listen to his big band rehearse. It was amazing. I love Clare. That's really cool that you asked about him. Prince loved him so much.

speech_100011 karma

Is Ariana Grande really such a pain to work with? I have seen many people say that she's a real diva.

PhilipLassiterAMA32 karma

I only worked with her producer. We've never met so I wouldn't know. I will say, it's not easy being an artist. That's no excuse for diva behavior but you know they say it's lonely at the top. I prefer somewhere in the middle.

Seifulus11 karma

Favorite song?

PhilipLassiterAMA25 karma

Let's say "Because" by the Beatles.

AmexNomad11 karma

What city in the world has the most interesting music scene?

PhilipLassiterAMA21 karma

That really depends on who you ask. LA has to be the largest and most diverse. NYC for jazz. Nashville for country. Miami for Latin. Paris is amazing. Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, DC, Chi & Philly are my other favs.

AmexNomad11 karma

Where in Paris? I live in Greece and before COvid, visited quite often. Also, interesting that New Orleans was not mentioned. Is it not diverse enough? Too small?

PhilipLassiterAMA18 karma

Aww man I missed Nawlins. That's like a whole country outside of the US. One of the most amazing places. Austin is dope too. I just went to Paris for the first time last fall. I played at a couple jazz clubs there. Le Baisersailles.

lman8960711 karma

Why the trumpet and how did you start your path towards a career in music?

PhilipLassiterAMA25 karma

I tried many instruments. I played the baritone but it was almost as big as me. The trumpet was easy to carry so...that reason.

wrongwaycorrigan11 karma

Have you played live with Prince at First Avenue in Minneapolis?

PhilipLassiterAMA21 karma

Never. We played at the Dakota club in Minneapolis some tho.

Fadingtopurple10 karma

I’m a church/bedroom recording guitarist. I’ve been playing for 17 years. What are some ways to get paid as a session guitarist? Like if someone needed a guitar part over a track or a guitar solo, how do I become that guy?

PhilipLassiterAMA17 karma

You become that guy by playing really well and be able to play multiple styles. You create amazing parts that help tell the story of a song. You develop your name by recording and networking. Also, check out Soundbetter.com

mayboss10 karma

How did your career affect your love life?

PhilipLassiterAMA13 karma

While touring with Prince I met my wife. My career enhanced it I'd say!

Poly--Meh10 karma

Have you ever gotten to play trumpet on a ska piece?

Also, do you think ska is dead?

PhilipLassiterAMA12 karma

Yes! hmm not sure

filthfarmfilth9 karma

we're you on stage during that "get off" at the mtv awards? still one of the wildest things i've seen on tv

PhilipLassiterAMA10 karma

I wasn't.

DrowsyDriver24249 karma

How important is it to feel emotionally connected to the music you are writing? When I write sometimes it feels like I’m just filling up space and yes it sounds good but it doesn’t necessarily make me feel a certain way.

PhilipLassiterAMA28 karma

Music is emotion. Without emotion, it ain't really music imo.

Three_of_Butts8 karma

Which (non trumpeters) have had the biggest impact on how you approach music? And how have they impacted you?

PhilipLassiterAMA15 karma

Harry Connick, James Pankow horn arranger (bone player) from Chicago.

I have so many influences it's tough to pinpoint....but...

Count Basie, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mahler, Debussy, Andre Crouch, Sammy Nestico, Mark Ronson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Kirk Franklin, God's Property, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles.....................................................................................on & on.......

frozensepulcro8 karma

What do you think of death and black metal genres that have thrived for 30+ years with zero support or recognition from the mainstream music industry?

PhilipLassiterAMA17 karma

I've only had 1 experience with black metal. I thought it was interesting. Last year I arranged & recorded horns on some death metal. It was so fun. I'm not a big fan of the devil tho. Jesus is just alright with me...

Hey_buddy_wassup8 karma

Hey Philip, what would be your second choice of music instrument after Trumpet?

PhilipLassiterAMA11 karma

I play piano. 3rd choice would be guitar.

RadicalPenguin7 karma

What is Ernie Isley like? I’ve always considered him one of the most talented guitarists ever,and I get the impression that he’s a very chill dude.

PhilipLassiterAMA9 karma

I don't know him well, but we were introduced. I played in their band a handful of times. It was epic. He seems nice.

amackenzie447 karma

What is your opinion of Timbaland as a producer?

PhilipLassiterAMA17 karma

He doesn't need my opinion. He's Timbaland. He's a genius.

outie5000g7 karma

What did you do with Yelawolf,and how is he to work with? He seems like a very rounded underated artist.

PhilipLassiterAMA9 karma

He IS underated. I played trumpet on one of his albums a few years ago. I don't remember the name. lol He was cool.

jsu7187 karma

Having been at this a long time, have you seen a difference in the talent of the artists you work with? Specifically are the big artists of today more geared toward just singing/dancing/their one instrument than a more broad talent & creativity of the past?

PhilipLassiterAMA11 karma

I've had the privilege of working with some really talented folks. So I'm grateful for that. Yes, it seems that pop artists today ain't what they used to be. There has been a shift with technology and autotuning/editing. I miss the great artists of the past tbh.

Choloyd7 karma

Hi Phil, How do you cope with being the ‘behind-the-scenes’ force supporting all these huge artists? I feel like a lot of people these days think that their favourite pop star is a musical genius when really there’s a team behind them doing most (possibly all) of the heaving lifting without mainstream recognition. Obviously this has been happening since the Tin Pan Alley days, but I feel it’s not as well known today that pop stars don’t write and produce their own music.

Edit: lots of the artists you’ve worked with write their own stuff, I’m referring more to pop in general at the moment.

PhilipLassiterAMA9 karma

I feel great about what I do. I'm super grateful to get to make music for a living. Most of the time I'm working with and for people who aren't famous. I just love the fact that I can do this as career.

Conservativeguy227 karma

Which of Prince's songs were your favorite to perform?

PhilipLassiterAMA15 karma

Musicology and 1999

TheMysticFez7 karma

Favourite Beatle?

PhilipLassiterAMA26 karma

George duh

pr0t3an7 karma

Do you really always pay your debts?

PhilipLassiterAMA19 karma

REally always most of the time absolutely unless not totally

snorkelflaps7 karma

As a fellow trumpeter I have to ask, what are your favorite horns and mouthpieces?

PhilipLassiterAMA13 karma

Bach Mt Vernon

Yamaha Z

Greg Black mouthpieces

CSdesire7 karma

What sets apart a famous artist from an amateur/unknown? (other than the obvious disparity in studio quality)

Have you worked on any of the unreleased material Prince’s estate claims to have? (supposedly enough to release an album for the next century) If so, is it Purple Rain quality?

PhilipLassiterAMA11 karma

1st q.....amount of followers

2nd q.....Mutiny. It is epic. You can hear the live version on youtube. Search for Prince Arsenio. It's at the end of the show. My arrangement and you'll see me.

colossuskidd6 karma

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?

PhilipLassiterAMA12 karma

All day.

h00ter76 karma

Where does an arranger come in or where do you get started on a track as arranger? And in what state is that track when the arranger starts work on it?

Arranging seems like it could be a very difficult field!

PhilipLassiterAMA9 karma

Usually toward the end of production. They send me everything and I add horns/strings on top.

eneas26 karma

What's the most impressive thing you saw Prince do? (Musically)

PhilipLassiterAMA10 karma

Play guitar. Every time.

Simpsonite6 karma

Hi Philip. What's your best tip to a budding music producer?

PhilipLassiterAMA8 karma

Surround yourself with producers who are better than you and ask questions.

baserolokus6 karma

What are you listening to while you commute/travel!?

PhilipLassiterAMA13 karma

EWF, Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Jazz, QTip, D'Angelo, Juan Luis Guerra, Fela Kuti...

Extension_Weight93586 karma

Hey, I love your music! My question is how do you get the motivation to finish a song after you’ve started? And is being a producer as glamorous as it sounds?! And what’s timbaland like lol? Thanks!

PhilipLassiterAMA8 karma

Thanks! I'm motivated to finish it if it's good. HAA

Glamorous? Maybe for some. Not so much for me. Timbaland is a nice guy.

blondepolska6 karma


PhilipLassiterAMA30 karma

Stop having expectations for yourself and sing because you love it! Take voice lessons. I still take trumpet lessons and I have 11 Grammy nods. Fall in love with making music. Focus on your craft. Don't do it with any expectations. If you do it for the right reasons, fun opportunities will come! Honestly, you are focusing on the wrong things. It's ok tho! Most of us do this. You don't have to be famous to matter! I'm not famous but I matter. Life is happening right now. Enjoy every moment and bask in this beautiful magical musical wonderland. Use your voice to enhance your world and the world around you!!!!! DO IT !

index21216 karma

Do you see the impact of music today through the new social media platform (TikTok for example) as a positive or negative as opposed to how music was perceived and interpreted 10 or 20 years ago?

PhilipLassiterAMA9 karma

Positive I believe because it gives everyone a chance to build a following.

leasnm5 karma

I'm a musician and a huge Prince fan. I watched the 2013 Montreux festival performance like a hundred times.

What I always wanted to know is who wrote the arrangement for the "Days of wild/Big fun/Ain't nobody/..." medley. Did you do it? Did you write arrangements alongside him?

It's really hard to find the kind of musicianship shown in there.

Thank you and greetings from Argentina.

PhilipLassiterAMA13 karma

THat was an epic show. I wrote Days of Wild. It was one of my audition arrangements. I also did Big City. We did write some arrangements together. I miss him every day.

abstlouis965 karma

Have you discovered any new artists?

PhilipLassiterAMA4 karma

What do you mean?

abstlouis965 karma

Seen a new talent, recommended them to somebody who then gave them a record deal.

PhilipLassiterAMA8 karma

That's not really how it works anymore.

Samthefreerunner5 karma

Will you ever consider film scoring?

PhilipLassiterAMA10 karma

Yes but would need to be the right project.

NintendoGlitch5 karma

What’s your general process for pitching songs to artists?

I’ve been a songwriter since a teenager, and I’ve always liked the idea of pitching songs to different artists.

PhilipLassiterAMA6 karma

It's all based on relationships. There are other people to shop to as well. Not just artists.

serabeht5 karma

Which records did you work on with prince and which was your favorite?

PhilipLassiterAMA7 karma

I'm on phase 2. The last song of the last record. We also recorded my arrangement of Mutiny and I played a solo. It wasn't released.

stauboga4 karma

Is there a song you wrote but will never release or sell because it is just too good to be heard by others?

PhilipLassiterAMA8 karma

lol nope

KinglerIsTheBest4 karma

Do you like Radiohead? And favourite song from them?

PhilipLassiterAMA5 karma

I do but I don't know their music well.

quizza6164 karma

Thank you for doing this. What has been the biggest lesson you learned throughout you experiences in this industry?

PhilipLassiterAMA13 karma

You gotta know when to hold em. Know when to fold em. Know when to walk away....know when to run...

b0zerz3 karma

I started as a drummer, and am now mostly a guitar player that sings and writes songs for my indie rock band, but have recently gotten more into arranging and recording my band. So I'm interested in what thought processes you have around arranging a song. Are you thinking about separating instruments so each has their own sonic space defined? Is there a central focus to arrangements typically? Do you start with the vocals and build an arrangement around that? I'm assuming it depends highly on the style, song and other factors, but any insights you have into that would be much appreciated.

PhilipLassiterAMA3 karma

It all depends. More than 1 way to skin a cat. I'm a piano player so I like to write at the piano. I also like to start with a beat/groove sometimes. However, sometimes I start singing without an instrument. That's the most freeing sometimes.

Revanclaw-and-memes3 karma

As a trumpet player, what is your favorite genre of music? Getting into ska really grew my appreciation of trumpet. Also as a follow up question what do you think of ska? Final question: what song would you recommend to a stranger?

PhilipLassiterAMA5 karma

No fav genre. I love too many. Ska is ok. Not my fav. but I don't have a fav. lol

I digress.

Rocketlove by Stevie Wonder

fn0000rd3 karma

Do you master entirely on your monitors, or do you listen in the car, on headphones, etc as well?

PhilipLassiterAMA5 karma

A variety of sources is good.

cuddle_cuddle3 karma

When do you know you're talented enough to make a living out of Music?
If you see a talented kid, say, 17 year old, would you encourage him/her to chase the dream? or dissuade him/her because the number of people who fell of the wagon penniless and depressed is just too high?

PhilipLassiterAMA6 karma

I say everyone should chase their dreams. Do it because you love it with no expectations. If ya have to do something else for money, that's ok and respectable actually. That doesn't mean you give up what you love the most. Manage your time and do it all. People get stuck on their idea of what success is or isn't. Just put time in doing what you love for the sake of refining your skills and the love of it. Opportunities will follow.

DogSoldier671 karma

What was the one experience you didn't want to talk about on this AMA?

PhilipLassiterAMA1 karma

That one time....at band camp...

squigglyy-3 karma

what does Ariana Grande smell like?

PhilipLassiterAMA1 karma

mint and bubble-yum