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I can't think of anything to ask but as a prince fan since I was 4, so 40 years now, I want to say thank you for the music.

Omg. I just thought of one. I don't know if you were part of it but in the song Lolita on the recorded version he uses synthesizers on the hook which sounded dated but on the American Idol appearance he used horns which sounded far better. Do you know why he would do that? There's more examples of the live version sounding better than the recorded version and I always wondered why

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Thank you. That makes sense. I just remember listening to the recorded version when it came out and was like "something is off" then when I watched the live version it all clicked.

Thanks again

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As a Carman in the US my question is; are you guys as slow as our Operations guys? They don't do much all day and when they have to they purposely take as long as possible to do it.

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That's what blows my mind at my yard. Operations acts like the big dogs. It's the opposite from the way it should be. But it's also our supervisors fault for bending over for Operations and stressing about BO count. When I was a crew chief we were untouchable like what you are talking about, I wish we had supervisors who had the balls to change shit.

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That is definitely the issue but we are union too and aren't nearly as bad. The key difference seems to be that the supervision has zero power over Operations whereas in the Car dept we would get in trouble if we pushed things that far. Don't get me wrong, there are shitbags in our dept on every shift, but even they know not to push past a certain line.

Also, it trips me out that anyone in either dept would be so lazy. There is only X amount to do in any given day and yet people still whine and bitch. But that seems to be the nature of the job. We have guys who bitch when they get one track, 4 tracks or when there is a derailment and we have nothing to do all day.