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I feel like this would be one time where snitches getting stitches would be good. It would look extra scary

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My brother is a public defender in Miami. He’s told me that a large amount of the uptick in domestic violence cases has been from immigrant families where it’s been happening for a while, but now where the adult children who have been raised in the US are at home, they’ve been calling the cops. Often times the wife will deny anything happening or downplay it because it’s common and even expected for there to be spousal abuse but the children growing up in a different culture see it differently. Have you noticed this trend at all and what is your take on it?

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As a trumpet player, what is your favorite genre of music? Getting into ska really grew my appreciation of trumpet. Also as a follow up question what do you think of ska? Final question: what song would you recommend to a stranger?

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How much does it cost and how difficult is it to set up a studio? I want to start recording but don’t know where to start.