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Why focus on college students and not early education instead? Studies have suggested that for every $1 invested in the education of young children yields 8 dollars in return.


Imagine the damage Betsy DeVos is causing while everyone focuses on higher education.


You know what I change my mind. Upper education reform has bipartisan support and needs to be pursued ASAP.


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Do you feel hypocritical or felt disillusioned working for an agency that goes against most American values such as right to due process (disposition matrix), and democracy itself (countless coups)?

Did you know about the CIA’s “controversial” history prior to joining in?

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I have an unhealthy fascination with death. Specifically the deaths of innocent people or civilians. Whenever a topic reminds me of a country’s military, or I see a PG movie that shows obvious mass destruction I can’t stop thinking about people dying and how they might have been killed and how their families might be feeling, or if they’ll even be able to have closure or catharsis.

I still get mad about how little the US’s drone warfare is mentioned in the news.

How do I ignore these thoughts?

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But the Chinese are detaining the whole ethnic group. They’re not detaining just the terrorists.

They seem to think that they’re all terrorists/separatists and are detaining innocent people as a result.

Or am I mistaken?

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When you woke up did you feel your mental health had changed?