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Why focus on college students and not early education instead? Studies have suggested that for every $1 invested in the education of young children yields 8 dollars in return.


Imagine the damage Betsy DeVos is causing while everyone focuses on higher education.


You know what I change my mind. Upper education reform has bipartisan support and needs to be pursued ASAP.


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But the Chinese are detaining the whole ethnic group. They’re not detaining just the terrorists.

They seem to think that they’re all terrorists/separatists and are detaining innocent people as a result.

Or am I mistaken?

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What’s happening in Xinjiang province? Is it true they harvest the organs of some of the people they placed into camps for disobedience?

Also, are there any notable “graduates” from the camps which China actually calls, according to South China Morning Post, “vocational education centers?”

Also, do they electrocute and operate on children as stated in this AP article from November 2018?


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Is laziness indicative of anything serious?

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How did you become a Reuters journalist? Did you have prior experience when you signed up?