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Why are you doing an AMA if you dont want to answer any hard questions? There are tons of good questions on art institute, or student debts in general. Can you just give us a list of questions you are going to answer, or are you only going to talk about scams? Thanks!

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Mind if I ask what your plans are for the future?

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I wish you all the luck! After all the craziness of covid is over, I'd love to see you on stage in person!

What are you working on right now right now? What is the next ability you'd like to gain/regain?

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On a scale of zero to infinity, how annoying do you find baby shark to be? Do do doo....

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Back in the days when green tea is the only flavour around in my small town, I thought that it's a Chinese company calling themselves "Arizona" for some weird reason.

That "oh I see.... " moment kicked in years later.