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greenmtnfiddler53 karma

EVERY Protestant denomination split off of another Protestant denomination.

A fun hobby in New England villages is to look for a "First Church of Springfield" and then start looking for The Other Guy, who might be titled The True Gospel Church or the Trinity Church or some other clue to why the split.

greenmtnfiddler17 karma

Ever seen the bumper sticker the Eastern folks have?

"ORTHODOX: doing it the same way for 2,000 years"

greenmtnfiddler5 karma

You don't normally see it with the Evangelical Right.

The Progressive Left is all up in that stuff, has been for centuries.

My great-aunt and uncle were staunch UCC's, they met during the cotton mill protests of the 30s, she was in town as a bluestocking Wobbly organizer, he was a stringer for a Boston paper covering the federal violence against the strikers.