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What can I personally do to change our school lunches to include locally sourced ingredients?

The same week many of our (Vermont) students' parents were laid off in a local orchard closing, my school began its first-ever hot-lunch program -- and served Washington state apples, because we had to, because we were supplied via the high school, who had a contract with a large corporation.

This still makes me angry. It shouldn't be this way. But what can I do?

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EVERY Protestant denomination split off of another Protestant denomination.

A fun hobby in New England villages is to look for a "First Church of Springfield" and then start looking for The Other Guy, who might be titled The True Gospel Church or the Trinity Church or some other clue to why the split.

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Ever seen the bumper sticker the Eastern folks have?

"ORTHODOX: doing it the same way for 2,000 years"

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What track/cut/album somehow just never's gotten the attention it deserves?

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Yep, I'm familiar with this -- and thank you for writing it out for those who are not. But: this was a snack.

I specifically want to know how to help break the stranglehold of large companies on the actual lunch ingredients. :/