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Prince was def the most delightful by a LONG shot. He had nothing to prove. A strong personality and intense, but a gentleman and quite confident but kind and so fun to be around.

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I try not to talk about negative experiences. There are many unfortunately but I try to put them behind me and focus on what's ahead. You dig?

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I think that's common. It's important to feed your creativity. Take a walk, read a book, watch a documentary or great film, listen to music that inspires. If you can't make a dope beat, copy a dope beat for the sake of practice. Sometimes ya just gotta begin. Just start. First few bars might suck, but usually we stumble into something good. Sometimes I find that I'll make a couple short ideas and the BAM....the 3rd or 4th idea is magic. Don't let yourself get stuck. Keep searching. Every idea isn't Grammy worthy. It's not even worthy of more than a quick thought. Let them come...let them go. They ain't sacred. Their just silly ideas. All of em. Some are profound. Most are not. It's the exercise that makes us great. Just focus on developing yourself. If you aren't happy with what you are creating, learn some new shit.

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I think everyone does at some point. It's an unstable profession and full of lows and disappointments. I didn't think about it for long tho. I'm not very good at much anything else but music. LOL I never had a fallback plan. I worked as a church music director and played in cover bands but it wasn't for me. That was the closest I've ever had (as an adult) to a regular job. However, I'm grateful for my dad making me work as a teenager. I was a janitor, mowed lawns, drove a tractor and lots of tough labor. It's funny, while earning my masters degree I remember cleaning bathrooms and, a few hours later, putting on a tux to perform as a soloist in front of 500+ people with my universities jazz band. I remember thinkin, "life is a trip". HAAA

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