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'For safety reasons I'll never meet them - is this in case you want it back?

Congratulations though, very honourable thing you have done and im sure whoever has the kidney is thankful.

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Hi u/markrenton93 - saw your previous post but didn't comment. Good to see you again.

What are your thoughts about the British Special Forces? Not specifically SAS but all UKSF.

Did you ever encounter any UKSF whilst serving?

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Great to see you here and sincere congratulations for such a long and esteemed career. It is inspiring.

Question: given fossil fuels have polluted the planet and have had a dramatic effect on the environment and lives of countless beings, what can be realistically be done to deter those responsible for providing nuclear energy from reckless, environmentally damaging behaviours and practices?

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Where did you learn about trading and where would you recommend a beginner starts?