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Isn't this the Atkin's Diet 2.0 being sold as something new and interesting?

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Thank you for your work and ethics. I've been following the news, reddits, etc regarding you. You always describe yourself as a data engineer and point out that you were tracking the metadata in discovering the problems you have reported.

I have a two part question for you.

Could you ELI5 :) what a data engineer is and how you use metadata to find problems as you have described?

I'm not asking for specific cases here. I just want to enhance my own understanding (I sorta get it) while also helping everyone else understand what it is that you do and did and why it is important. I just feel that something gets lost in the articles describing what you do and how. Am I being clear?

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Follow up if u plz. Do you dream the music?

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AMA 28 minutes old. 6 min after the above u/dem0n0cracy commented with a short story. 2 min after that someone else posted on that original comment with another short story. The back and forth have continued with short stories that have citations, links, many words long all back and forth that couldn't possibly happen if all the replies were not already written. I have nothing else to say except... BULLSHIT!

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Down Periscope is such a fricking great movie!