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Isn't this the Atkin's Diet 2.0 being sold as something new and interesting?

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AMA 28 minutes old. 6 min after the above u/dem0n0cracy commented with a short story. 2 min after that someone else posted on that original comment with another short story. The back and forth have continued with short stories that have citations, links, many words long all back and forth that couldn't possibly happen if all the replies were not already written. I have nothing else to say except... BULLSHIT!

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Dr. Yvette Cendes, the comment "a wand and a box of salamanders" is a brilliant quote (it alludes writing by several sci-fi authors as basically "Niven's Law") regarding the almost magical nature of what you do. Given how much of the research and science in in Radio Astronomy deals with things that are very large and very far away...

What in your field or studies could apply to things that are very close in an ELI5/Science way? What is the simplest, closest, easily describable thing from your field that the rest of us would understand?

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What is the overall payout in terms of dollars gambled vs dollars won? You can express it as a range as that info is somewhat business sensitive.

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I worked in IT providing onsite support for many Doctor's offices. A few things always struck me as worrisome in these small practices.

HIPAA required a significant change in the way the IT infrastructure operated in these small offices. Yet, practically no office I ever worked in was fully compliant when I started there and many were still not fully compliant when I stopped. This despite tens of thousands of dollars worth of billed hours and equipment over the course of say a single year. What are your thoughts regarding HIPAA?

Regarding HIPAA and market forces there are very few vendors, of for lack of a better term, "Medical Practice Management" software. The few that exist are incredibly expensive, require extensive training to use, ongoing support contracts that are also expensive and despite the promise of compatibility for Personal Electronic Medical Records never actually deliver. Have you any thoughts about the Software end of HIPAA as it applies to a practice?

In every office there were one or more staff dedicated to the task of working with Billing. By which I mean their job was to interact with Insurance companies or state Medicare. In one practice that was notable, there were 2 full time and
2 part time employees for 4 full time Doctors and 3 part time. This even though they had a contract with a Medical Billing Contractor whose job it was to handle this workload. Can you comment on how this affects the practice of medicine?

I have more questions along this line of thought but I'll stop here and await your answers.