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What's the most difficult part of the songwriting process for you? The easiest/most natural? And how do you push past the tough parts?

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Born in 76 here, so I'm a 'late stage Gen Xer' if there is such a thing.

I think the term millennial was coined before the generational tenets could be adequately defined. The original term meant people graduating high school around the year 2000, as if that were the defining feature of the generation (or that an entire generation could fit into a single-year event)

To me if you grew up in the 80s and 90s, and went through your formative years including high school in a time before the Internet changed the entire human dynamic, you're a Gen Xer to me.

Ever rode your bike to the public library to do a book report from an actual paper book? You're Gen X. Left the house as a teen without a cell phone to tether you to your parents? You're Gen X. Missed an episode of a TV show and had to wait 6 months for the rerun? You're Gen X. Fondly remember John Hughes movies and Grunge music? Gen X all day.

I'd say the real definition pushes up into 1985 or so, and the actual millennial 'generation' might be less than 10 years worth of people. The rapid changes in society since then have caused several 'micro generations' that are all distinct from one another, when a full 'generation' was at least 20 years before that.

I'm no anthropologist, but that's my take.

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So I take it you did *not* pass the litmus, and thus weren't considered X?

The term Elder Millennial cracks me up too. I picture a wise and learned council wearing JNCOs and flipping pogs.