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that is actually insane! big ups to you though seems like it all paid off in the end.

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Hello there! Shout out from Vaughan! lived there most of my life! Congrats on all the success this far.

My Question is, Where would be a good starting point be begin learning about machine learning and serious automation / A.I?
Currently studying computer programming in college, but they offer nothing in this field. I know C++, Java, bit of Python and JS. I just started learning Selenium automation for web testing and it has really ignited my interest in automation and AI. but I feel like I don't know where to begin to really start working with machine learning, I just finished a course of Data structures an algorithms, so I would love to continue working in this area.


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This is political correctness incarnate. I imagine the moderation censorship is a reflection of a disagreement with your political views and ideology. Big ups tho that song is fire! mad happy to see you spitting with immortal!

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Oh wow that's perfect thank you for taking the time to answer! I will look into the vector institute for sure never heard of them before.

Haha that would be amazing! Best of luck on the upcoming launch!

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hahah thank you! I wonder that too :P