Heyo Reddit! We are #!/Shabang, a high-school software development studio that created Condution, an open-source, powerful, yet simple todo list app. After being fed-up with almost all of the million-and-a-half task-management systems out there (and, admittedly, after being bored by the quarantine), we decided to make one of our own.

We are trying to create this app holistically, by creating — first and foremost — a community of students/professionals that drives our development. With using all of the other apps, we felt we can't really connect with their developers easily to give input to a piece of software that's so important to our daily workflows.

By making the app open source, and giving the public access to a portion of our work channels, we want to make friends with our users and really create a great app together.

So, Ask (Us) Anything! Excited to hear questions about the app's development, building a startup as high-schoolers, or nerd out on GTD/Agile ;)


EDIT 7-26-2020 20:33 PDT:

Servers have been fed, and everything should be working now. However, we still need to feed the servers so if you would like to support us, please do so here: https://www.patreon.com/condution

EDIT 7-26-2020 20:11 PDT:

Due to the overwhelming support we have seen, out servers are being overloaded! We are currently working hard to get them back online, but in the meantime some functionality may not be available to all users. This issue should be solved in the next few hours.

If you would like to help us feed our servers, you can support us on Patreon which will help us pay to host the app. https://www.patreon.com/condution

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WickedViking756 karma

I have yet to find a todo app that has everything I feel I need, and I don't feel I'm hard to please...

All I want that is usually missing is an API, and the ability to create recurring tasks with a set interval, like "Water plants" recurring 3 days after last completion. I don't want 100 "water plant" items if I don't do/complete the item for 300 days. I want 1 item that's 300 days overdue, and a new one 3 days after I mark the previous one as complete. Is that to much to ask..?!?

Oh how I hate not getting devs of these apps to listen to reason :p

Downloading and giving it a go :)

Jemoka212 karma

Great! Thanks so much! Let me know how it goes ;)


Yeah, +1 on this feature request.

A similar, but distinct feature, would be fuzzy dates. Like I need to clean my living room rug every 3 months or so, but I don't need an alert at midnight every 90 days. It'd be awesome to be 'smart' enough to put it on a weekend, and on a day when I'm doing other at-home tasks.

Jemoka96 karma

Cool, heard. You can keep tabs on our progress here: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/89

Ommand22 karma

That feature request has very little to do with what was asked for .....

Jemoka31 karma

whoopsies. I sent the wrong Issue — https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/89. Edited original post too.

WickedViking27 karma

So, how do you handle recurring tasks like this? ;)

Jemoka46 karma

Currently, our recurring tasks is calculated after you complete a task... As in, if it is, say, repeating daily, and you forgot to do it yesterday, checking it off today will cause the task to repeat as if it was checked off yesterday — updating the due date to today.

tasha4life105 karma

I just downloaded your app and while I am trying to create an account, there are some issues I found. Using iPhone 6 running 12.4.1.

1) to create an account, you must enter an email and a password. A) the password box stays red even though I got a confirmation email B) There is no pop up showing what the password requirements are or if any. C) Only after the confirmation email was sent did the pop up for “What do we call you?” appear. 2) Once confirmation email was received, the link sent me back to the email and password boxes that were STILL highlighted red.

3) Once I was in the app, I wasn’t able to view more than about 25 characters because the text didn’t wrap. So, I could tell that I was supposed to click on the buttons in order to continue but I wasn’t able to see what they were trying to say.

4) If I went to completed, I still wasn’t able to see what those items suggested for me to do.

5) When I click on “condution yourself” I am unable to add a task or a project. The only thing that I can do is add an item to the inbox.

6) You should create documentation with indexable items that explain what you can do.

Can you update the IAMA to show what iOS is needed in order to be compatible?

Jemoka67 karma

Once I was in the app, I wasn’t able to view more than about 25 characters because the text didn’t wrap. So, I could tell that I was supposed to click on the buttons in order to continue but I wasn’t able to see what they were trying to say.

Sorry about the troubles! We will investigate the onboarding UI further and see how we could improve it.

p.s. the completed view is meant to show tasks that you have already completed, not what you have to do. We designed Upcoming for that function.

remo50180 karma

As a consumer, I would like to know how your app is different from current to do list apps? And does it work on windows pc?

Jemoka62 karma

We tried to incorporate all of the best (we think) features from the various apps we tried. Platform independence a la Todoist (and yes, it works on a PC, go to condution.shabang.cf/#downloads), smart folders/perspectives a la OmniFocus, start/end dates+times a la OmniFocus, intuitive, single-view UI a la things, and home page + upcoming a la RememberTheMilk/MS Todo. We are also striving to be more active on the user front — building not only an app but also a global community of people who like to nerd out about To-Do lists and productivity. To this end, the app is open source and our work discord is public on our website.

EstoyMejor92 karma


as another fellow redditor already said, an API is allways nice. would enable all sorts of easy things like Discord bot integration, smart Mirror integration etc pp.

Jemoka14 karma

Haha, already got that one! And yeah, we're working on the API. Thanks for the +1 :)

iamapolitico4 karma

This post is going to be exhibit 1 in an IP lawsuit one day if this thing ever becomes popular.

Jemoka2 karma

IP lawsuit

What specific features are copyrighted/trademarked? We tried to do some digging before starting the app and don't thing there were any. Our official copies don't mention GTD either, for it's just GTD inspired.

Reddit-username_here67 karma

I'm required to pose a question, but I don't have a question. I found a typo on your GitHub, if you'd like to fix it?

Due Dates:
Yes, you heard it right! Unlike some of the other apps out there, we know that timing is important to people! Every task is hidden until a certain time and due at precisely at a time, so your know day could be managed right down to your needs.

coryrenton37 karma

What are the most bizarre or interesting disagreements or hot points of discussion you've had with fellow developers?

Jemoka9 karma

Well... us being friends makes it easier, but perhaps the biggest disagreement was whether or not to use the react framework. React us (in my opinion) a very unconventional framework in that it encourages the mixing of front end and backend code. Others on the team disagree though...

Deezl-Vegas51 karma

React doesn't mix backend and frontend code? React is just a frontend framework. If you're hooking it to a backend, then that code should be completely separate.

Jemoka20 karma

Sorry I typed that in a rush — I meant mixing view and viewcontroller... Whoops!

Xavdidtheshadow29 karma

Awesome! I'm always on the hunt for new todo apps to try. It's a super crowded field, but good luck!

Two questions:

  1. What's your business model plan? Open source is great, but y'all have to eat
  2. what app(s) did the team use before making this? Did everyone switch to it?

Jemoka23 karma

  1. We're high school students, so we don't actually eat or sleep. Condution is a passion project of ours that we work on in our free time, and it does need to eat (and in fact we have just gone over the database limit). In order to pay for the database, we set up a Patreon.
  2. Team members have all the big GTD apps we could find, OF, Todoist, Tasks, Notion, etc. But we couldn't find a consolidation of all the great features spread across the landscape. So, we created Condution. One team member actually actively avoided GTD apps but eventually started using Condution because it just worked.

atlienk25 karma

Do you allow for integration with other services whether it’s pulling in existing lists from Google or O365, or streaming data to a service like Dakboard?

Jemoka18 karma

Not yet, but thanks for the 1+ on that! We are building out an API that could plug into these services though... stay tuned!

nobody6553518 karma

We are a high-school team building a world-class + open-source todo list app taking a different approach to task management.

What's different about your approach to task management?

What do you think makes your software "world-class?" (stats wise, it looks like you have 2 ratings on the Apple app store, and 6 ratings on the Google app store (with "50+" (aka 50-100) installs)

Jemoka8 karma

Yes, we are by no means a "world-class" app in that sense as we just got started. However, we are building an open-source app that includes many features of industry standard applications used for task management and more. This is what we think makes us "world-class" in features and design.

nobody655355 karma

Fair. I hope you do well!

But you didn't answer my first question: What's different about your approach to task management? It sounds like you're intending to have many of the same features.

Jemoka3 karma

We are trying a few different approaches to task-management that's not used by many of the leading apps right now: 1. Although this may sound cheesy and slightly over-said: we are open-source. We aim to be fair, transparent, and open to suggestions from a public in a way where people could interact with us directly as closely as possible. 2. As avid-productivity nerds ourselves, we are combining what we saw was the best out of every GTD system that we used and take out what we think is the worst. Our approach is not holistically different, perhaps, but we try to combine everything together to make an excellent app.

JohnDoe956416 karma

Does it distract you from your regular school work and extracurriculars?

Jemoka29 karma

Not really... Simply because during quarantine this is my main extra-curricular.

astrosoeren13 karma

Possible to use in teams?

Jemoka23 karma

You could use the same account, and it will sync in near real-time. Otherwise, true "team-usage" (Google Docs style) is being worked on. Thanks for the 1+ on that feature! Track that project's progress here: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/86

astrosoeren9 karma

Cool. Would like the ability to assign different members different tasks within a shared project.

Jemoka4 karma

Noted! We are looking to basically take todoist's system and add a few GTD features.

RaiseYourLenny13 karma

I just read the Privacy policy.. What do you precisely do with 3rd parties that do collect information? They are very vaguely described in the policy.. Maybe making the app paid or adding a subscription service would make me more likely to get the app, so you won't have to worry about profiting off of data. I just don't know if I can trust my personal information being vaguely addressed.

Jemoka8 karma

Good on you for reading the policy, and we will take your feedback to the text editor! The only 3rd party that we use is Google's Firebase (hosting service).

To be clear: We don't and never will steal (because that is what it is) your data. We are working on a version/setting with which you can avoid sending your data remotely at all, the progress on which you can keep track of here.

We don't have a paid app or subscription because that goes against our ideals of making it accessible. We do appreciate Patreon donations which help pay for this our servers, and if you are willing to support, we can work with you to create data handling polices that you can feel good about!

RaiseYourLenny4 karma

Thanks, will do! Expect payment Friday as that's my payday. I believe in what you guys have going on here. I appreciate the efforts on your side to protect user data, as it's passed around quite frequently nowadays. I know online donations only go so far, (wikipedia for example) so if you ever plan on making the app paid, or making a subscription service I will happily pay for it, especially if you guys keep consistent direct communication with customer's needs and wants. By the looks of it, this app can potentially go a long way. Best of wishes.

Jemoka3 karma

Thanks so much! We really believe in what we do, and I hope that with the OpenSource + To-Do community, we could grow together :)

botCloudfox10 karma

I'm in high school too, could you share how you learned to program and how you were able form your group (who I assume also know this language)? I'm really curious as to how you were able to pull this off as there's no way I could find people to do this with me in my school.

Jemoka4 karma

I learned to program just by working on projects I enjoyed! I've found that when it comes to trying to learn a new programming skill, diving in head-first is the best way to learn.

My team is just a group of friends who were also fed up with the current apps on the market.

ps. use vim.

botCloudfox4 karma

Thanks for the response! I'm currently learning Python and advancing my knowledge of C#, but I'll be sure to check out vim once I start learning more languages.

Jemoka2 karma

Haha yes #vimgang let's go ;)

Guidii6 karma

A question (or questions) on your choice of platforms. You seem to be using electron to deploy on ios and android. Why not on desktop os's as well? Also, why did you choose to deploy as an app instead of web/PWA?

Jemoka2 karma

It's on the desktop OSes as well! Check the download link here: https://condution.shabang.cf/#downloads. I honestly think our desktop app is better then our mobile app >.<. Converting this app to a PWA/react app is in the works, but we feel like a native app-app is still better for things like todo-lists.

nicholaslaux6 karma

Can you talk a bit about what your "approach" to task management itself is, and how it's "different"?

I've been using Trello with my wife for doing Agile at Home for task management, and it was definitely a bit of a struggle to get to something that was both easy to use, but also supported more of the data-driven organization that we're using to keep track of everything. Eventually we were able to cobble together a combination of Trello, the custom fields extension for Trello (for story points and marking items as completed), the Ultimello chrome extension with some... very questionable hand written javascript (for color coded cards by points, and summary displays for planning and review), and an Excel spreadsheet (for planning and review).

The other options I'm familiar with would either be Jira (not free, and I assume a massive amount of effort to set up and configure, probably not very lightweight for daily use when most items will take 10 minutes or less to complete), Aptana (incredibly obtuse to configure, and poor mobile support) or some sort of to do list that would inevitably fall apart due to not actually having any systematic structure to support interacting with it.

Jemoka3 karma

The basic idea of the app is a sort of modified GTD: we took what we liked about GTD(powerful perspectives, do, delegate, defer(coming later!)) and put it into an app in the likes of todoist/things (think clean UI, intuitive). The other guiding principal was making powerful tools accessible. While this may not be as much of an issue for you, we wanted to make sure that this could be an app for a beginner or an experienced do'er like yourself.

inception_306 karma

Are you guys offering any internships to high schoolers with software development experience?

Jemoka7 karma

Well come hangout on Discord: https://discord.gg/QgxUCyj... We could get you sorted, I'm sure ;)


Can you explain why spaces are superior to tabs?

Jemoka6 karma

2/4 members of our core-devs are vim users... Tabs don't render very well on vim

pars997 karma

high school team

vim users

That’s not high school, that’s advanced high school

Jemoka6 karma

Haha thanks so much! Half of our team (including me) comes from https://www.nuevaschool.org/, so shout out to Nueva there ;)

Ade2310354 karma

Do you plan on having it integrate with Alexa or Google assistant via a skill anytime soon?

Jemoka5 karma

Alexa or Google assistant ...is on the blocks for us: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/97

WizardNinjaPirate4 karma

The mac App throws a:

"“Condution.app” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." Error on launch.

Is your signature out of date or something?

Also the app is over 500 megs while Things is 48 and I am sure the memory footprint is just as bad.

Why did you choose the use the bloat that is Electron?

Jemoka2 karma

Hmm Electron apps tend to have a large memory footprint. What version of the app did you download? The most recent versions should be notarized.

PanTheRiceMan4 karma

I see there is a server in the github repository. Could you add setting to the app that everybody can self-host their own server? Would be nice for privacy protection and spares you cost and load.

Jemoka3 karma

That's definitely on the blocks for us: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/88 ;)

Reelix3 karma

How does this compare to todoist - Your previously promoted task management product?

Jemoka3 karma

Did we ever promote Todoist? I personally was a big Todoist fanboy, but the lack of start dates and the baffling lack of TIME specificity was, well, confusing.

oldmuttsysadmin3 karma

How does your app compare to Nirvana?

Jemoka2 karma


We are a more general-purposes to-do app then Nirvana; we just are inspired by GTD ;)

paleowannabe2 karma

I love nirvana, use it daily and I have only one major complaint, which if you alleviate, I'd consider switching: nirvana web app makes shit use of keyboard shortcuts and generally feels bit outdated - I have to use mouse for nearly everything. Just food for thought.

Jemoka2 karma

This app is pretty mouse heavy! Check it out ;)

WiredCortex3 karma

Is it possible to get sub tasks that are three levels deep and looks good? That’s really what I want. All the to-do apps are like 1 level deep. And ones that are deeper look awful.

Jemoka2 karma

It is definitely possible. I think it looks pretty good personally ;)

Funkyduck83 karma

Will this truly help me get more things done? How is your app different than others like it?

Jemoka3 karma

We aim to incorporate the community better into the process of designing the app. Furthermore, we aim to incorporate the best features of various to-do apps in one, affordable (free!), and easy-to-use package.


Can it be connected to google calendars so that the tasks would show up there? Because I use google calendar for scheduling my day, and this to manage my tasks would be very helpful.

Jemoka2 karma

Feature requested! Keep track of progress here: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/107


Thank you so much! I don't know if you know this, but google calendars already has an 'import calendar' feature making it easy to use other calendars. Also, wanted to ask, (I didn't understand clearly from the post itself) are you all working at a high school, or high school students? Or something else?

Jemoka2 karma

Thank you once again for the suggestion! We'll keep that in mind. To answer your question, we're all highschool students.

iDreamer0073 karma

What about privacy? Do you share anything with 3rd party? If yes what all? I know there is privacy policy in app but can u tldr here in simple layman’s terms?

Jemoka2 karma

We use Google Firebase to sync your data across devices. Neither us nor Google accesses your data. We're working on letting you keep your data local too, so that it never touches a third party or even leaves your device: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/88

moepwizzy3 karma

Data is securely backed up in the United States regardless of sync. No registration needed if sync is not enabled.

That sounds like you back up my data in the US, even if I don't sync at all. Is that the case?

Jemoka2 karma

Yes. We are looking to add a self hosting option; but even if you don't sync we securely back up your data in case you would like to upgrade to a synced account. Here's the issue on the progress of adding self-hosting: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/88

moepwizzy4 karma

Thanks for the reply! You should definetly make it clear, the data does not stay local, but stored on a server. For me this is an absolute no-go, but it's good to know that you're working on a self-hosted option.

This might be aalso be a problem for the EU market due to the GDPR. Just something you should keep in mind.

Jemoka2 karma

Yup! We are looking into how this works on the EU end. When we started the app we did some digging and thought we are fine at that moment, but if this picks up momentum we may need to adjust accordingly. Your data is securely stored with either AWS or Google Cloud. Amazon/Google is blind to your data, and our internal code and policies, along with our privacy policy, disallows us from disclosing, reading, or sharing your data.

Definitely_wasnt_me3 karma


Jemoka3 karma

Sorry. It is not at moment. Per the notice when you choose not to sync, we still securely back up the data in case you "upgrade" (don't worry, it's free) to the synced version. However, a self-hosted option is in the works: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/88

rajboy32 karma

I’m currently trying to do a similar personal project on python as programming practise and have been stuck on implementing an overdue functionality where the program reads all saved reminders and updates the class attribute “reminder.overdue”. Did you ever have such problems and could you please share on possible ways to go about fixing it? Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate question.

Jemoka1 karma

Well, we are an open source project! You can see how we do it here https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution.

Withought actually looking at the code, it is hard to diagnose the issue, but you could join the discord and work to solve the issue!

Whackamoley1092 karma

A bit late but, are you planning to allow people to create customizable versions to suit their needs?

Jemoka1 karma

We are an open source project, so yes, of course! We are also actively taking feature requests, so in a way, you can help customize the entire app!

Kierkegaard_Soren2 karma

What’s your unique value-prop compared to other products on the market? What problem does your software solve that others do not?

Might want to lead with that in your initial description in the post

Jemoka3 karma

We first are aiming to build a world-class productivity app, intergrating the best features from every platform we have tried. Furthermore, we have also open-sourced the app + opened ourselves to active discussion from the world to try to create a community of todo-ers who could, in a sense, build the app together.

Kierkegaard_Soren7 karma

So is the value proposition that it is co-created with others? Still trying to figure out what it does better than existing products without opening up your project myself (not a techie). Succinct value prop will be a must have for scaling adoption

Jemoka4 karma

Yes the app is intuitive, cross-platform, and we seek to harbour feedback from the community more actively as our primary goal is not ultimately to make lots of money.

robbert_jansen4 karma

yes the app is intuitive

Says who?

I just find it a convoluted mess on iOS.

Jemoka2 karma

Sorry about the inconvenience! Happy to answer any questions you may have. We are pushing out an update that should address some of the issues — this should be getting by code review right now.

du5t2 karma

Congrats on your app, that's a pretty decent achievement for highschoolers. I just wanted to give you a but of feedback but don't have a question. I tend to agree that it's not that intuitive. There's quite a few options in the Android app that I couldn't tell what they were for even after tapping on them. I feel like your whole app is kinda lacking UX principles in general. Also you should focus on mobile first design, at the moment it's a desktop app wrapped as a mobile app. Many of the touch points were too small and overflowed off screen. Anyway good luck! Reddit is a harsh place so don't let some of the other blunt criticism get you down.

Jemoka2 karma

Got it, thanks so much! We don't really have a UX concept that we are going off of (material + friends, for instance), but we will definitely be focusing on making things bigger and more mobile focused.

johnny_stewart2 karma

Did u get any sort of funding? If so, from whom and how much?

Jemoka2 karma

Not really: but if you are willing to give us some — https://www.patreon.com/condution ;)

GeeZed20122 karma

Is this worth switching away from the buttery-smoothness of Things? my mind is open

Jemoka2 karma

I think so! Why don't you try it out? We are still in active development, so Condution is not as stable as Things, but we are actively improving and creating new features all the time!

sweatshirtjones2 karma

Along with the IOS app, are you by chance going to have a companion Apple Watch app? Seeing a quick view on the wrist would be fantastic along with the phone app.

Jemoka2 karma

We are not looking to do any companion right now simply because that would require bridging our cross-platform code and native code, which would take a little bit of effort. Thanks for the 1+ on that feature! https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/114


I myself am a high school students, and I am interested in coding too! So could you give me some tips about starting such projects? Also, many people at my school aren't good at or even know programming or any such thing! So could you tell me about connecting with such people, starting these projects and even completing them and making great apps such as you have done here. A bit about the process and the starting of these projects would also be helpful! Thanks in advance! PS: Any other tips and bits of info would be appreciated.

Jemoka2 karma

We would love to chat with you and answer these questions in real time on our Discord! This is also a great place to connect with other coders to start your own projects! https://discord.gg/kX5QRu

EmilgGamer2 karma

Thats so cool youre in a startup, but if 2% of startups succeed long term, what makes you stand out over Monday, and other task management companies? It seems like other task managers (if not already) can easily implement such a feature.

Jemoka3 karma

We are not a startup, we are not trying to make money. We simply created what we believe to be a better productivity solution, and now we're here to share it!

ihateuusername1 karma

are you hiring?

Jemoka0 karma

Well.... We are not but I guess we are open to offers...? This being an open-source app means that you will most likely not be paid; but you could join our community and (our actual work channel!) here: https://discord.gg/QgxUCyj

jdog20500 karma

Why is it so fucking hard to connect these platforms to Gmail?

I know it’s a little less on the pure “to do” end, but productivity apps like Copper, Monday, Asana etc are always insufferable when it comes to connecting to gmail. Whyyyyyyy???!!!

Jemoka1 karma

We apologize for the difficulty, we have been throwing around the idea of calendar support but weren't sure if people would actually want to use it. I'll take this as your +1 for this feature!