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nicholaslaux198 karma

When will you be providing a GMO version of your product? I prefer to avoid meat as well as eat GMO foods for the same reason - to optimize human food consumption for the long term.

nicholaslaux139 karma

She could have just meant that he's a male who hasn't recently shaved below the jawline.

nicholaslaux79 karma

Did your parents homeschool you for religious reasons, because the local schools were so bad, or some other reason?

nicholaslaux64 karma

Can a beard exist if it is unattached to a human? I would think it would cease to be beard, and begin to merely be hair at that point.

nicholaslaux26 karma

It's limited, but (afaik) not consumable, which would imply that the current levels of use should be sustainable, from a purely economic standpoint, right?