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I just downloaded your app and while I am trying to create an account, there are some issues I found. Using iPhone 6 running 12.4.1.

1) to create an account, you must enter an email and a password. A) the password box stays red even though I got a confirmation email B) There is no pop up showing what the password requirements are or if any. C) Only after the confirmation email was sent did the pop up for “What do we call you?” appear. 2) Once confirmation email was received, the link sent me back to the email and password boxes that were STILL highlighted red.

3) Once I was in the app, I wasn’t able to view more than about 25 characters because the text didn’t wrap. So, I could tell that I was supposed to click on the buttons in order to continue but I wasn’t able to see what they were trying to say.

4) If I went to completed, I still wasn’t able to see what those items suggested for me to do.

5) When I click on “condution yourself” I am unable to add a task or a project. The only thing that I can do is add an item to the inbox.

6) You should create documentation with indexable items that explain what you can do.

Can you update the IAMA to show what iOS is needed in order to be compatible?

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Aaaand that was such a great answer, I just bought the book!

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Yup, I understand. Maybe I wasn’t clear with what I was saying. When I would go to completed, to try to review the items that I couldn’t fully see in the first place, there were no items to view.

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I create apps and I am a business analyst so when I ask people to test and they don’t, or they lie and say they do, or they actually fake results so it passes (so stupid I can’t even get mad), I just wish they would give me test results like these.

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Your statement about insuring the brain will always respond with surprise is exactly the opposite way I think about it.

And I say this because there always is the question mentioned about sleep. Why do we sleep? What is the evolutionary function? Why does your body stop defending itself and just lies prone to all the big baddies in the world? Yes, there are benefits to sleeping so one could argue that we need it. But what predicates that need? To me it is kin to fasting. When you are eating, you are telling your body to open itself up to accept these things, open your firewall.

When you fast, your body, my body, penguin bodies, rats, you name it, all of our metabolisms function the same. Your body increases dopamine, seratonin, it beings to fix itself because it’s walls are up, no one is really doing anything else so you start doing cleanup work.

It’s like when you get a system upgrade. IT stays late and does it when no one is in the system. Can’t do it during business hours.

When you are awake, your are receiving so much data, so much so that you might not eat a chance to process it all. When you sleep, your brain has nothing else to do but unpack that data and organize it all.

It seems as if at a very early stage that “sleep” was the default mode and as a bit of consciousness began to seep into higher and higher forms of life, the quality of information changed from hot, cold, pain, etc into more nuanced information that your brain needs to sift through, hence the term, “I’ll need to sleep on it.”

Almost as if the consumption and organization of better information could allow your consciousness to grow to receive better and better information.

But that’s just how I think about it.