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Redditor for 2 years - Talk about a long setup!

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Redditor for 1 Year - Nice :)

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How does this compare to todoist - Your previously promoted task management product?

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It was obvious from the get go.

and I'm doing a new privacy web browser called “Brave”

Sounds like a great brave new project, until you do an ounce of research, and discover that

On January 20, 2016, Brave Software launched the first version of Brave

It's literally an AMA to promote something that was released around 4 years ago and didn't get enough traction by throwing out creds to make people think it's good.

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Yea - I agree with you there. The only place I've seen people speak like that are spam mails...

Besides, the whole "Create a fake donation page specifying a fake cause, and spam Reddit with requests" thing is becoming more and more popular since they generally work, and raise hundreds (If not thousands) of dollars (The most popular form is "Look at this cute cat. Please donate to my (mother|daughter|cat|dog|budgie) with (aids|a broken back|lukemia) as I cannot afford it as I (am still in school|have 6 brothers|am 8 years old|am unemployed)" (The "Registered 15 hours ago" is generally a prominent sign)

Then you have the minor inconsistencies

http://www.zen4zulu.org/donate.html - "All donations will be processed via Paypal® .Donations accepted by EU, USA and UK, all donations will be in Euros."

http://www.1000hch.co.uk/HowtoHelp.aspx - "Donations can be made via Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit or Debit Order into the following bank account" (Nedbank account details here)

http://www.zen4zulu.org/contact.html - [email protected]

http://www.1000hch.co.uk/ContactUs.aspx - [email protected] (Not even @1000hch.co.uk - And why the .co.za e-mail address with the .co.uk domain? And why no .co.za domain if it's a local thing?)

English - nobody's perfect

Language? (Is English now a bad thing?) or Nationality (Born in England?)

http://www.whois.net/whois/zen4zulu.org - Richard now lives in France, not England (Verified by a large amount of French on his blog)

Then you have the weird facts

(From above)

She earns 200$ a month and further education costs 1000$ per academic year. Surely free education is the key to SA.s future? Her name is Sonto, she lives in the Valley of 1000 Hills KwaZulu.

Since when is R2000 a month considered poor? Heck - My first year as a programmer I was earning that, and staff (Cashiers AND Kitchen Staff (Several with Children)) at Debonairs were earning R8 / hour (R1500 / month) a couple of years ago (I worked there for 6 months - Great friends with most of them at the time)!

whose mother died leaving her to look after 3 younger children and her own baby

So this ultra poor mom was successfully raising FIVE children (Lets not go into the fact she also has her own child)... ?

to lodge and feed volunteer doctors

http://www.1000hch.co.uk/TheFacts.aspx - "Dtr Consultancy Fees - R156,000" - Since when do Volunteers get paid... ?

Curse morals - I could make hundreds of thousands a month pulling off scams like this :(