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RaiseYourLenny13 karma

I just read the Privacy policy.. What do you precisely do with 3rd parties that do collect information? They are very vaguely described in the policy.. Maybe making the app paid or adding a subscription service would make me more likely to get the app, so you won't have to worry about profiting off of data. I just don't know if I can trust my personal information being vaguely addressed.

RaiseYourLenny4 karma

Thanks, will do! Expect payment Friday as that's my payday. I believe in what you guys have going on here. I appreciate the efforts on your side to protect user data, as it's passed around quite frequently nowadays. I know online donations only go so far, (wikipedia for example) so if you ever plan on making the app paid, or making a subscription service I will happily pay for it, especially if you guys keep consistent direct communication with customer's needs and wants. By the looks of it, this app can potentially go a long way. Best of wishes.

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Aha! It was ON fire, but no fire was in it? Huh?