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This Is exactly what I’m doing! Headed to a 4 year university next semester and going to continue my studies :) glad to see you expanding your horizons and learning more from Gallaudet!

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Seriously, what is your deal? She had agreed with you and said that she would, and others should, honor the choice of others. Stop being a combative prick

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Will this truly help me get more things done? How is your app different than others like it?

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I am a 30 year old male in great health (eat healthy, exercise many days a week, take care of myself) but I am also a Type 1 Diabetic. While everyone has told me to be cautious, others claim I might still be okay if I catch COVID-19. My fear is that I’ll literally die because my immune system is compromised.

What is the realistic outlook for this, for people like myself who are young with a compromised immune system, but still quite healthy?

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Is it possible to reverse the effects of exposure to air pollution in the human body? I lived in Beijing, China for four years from 2014/2018 and though I made it a point to always wear masks on polluted days and have indoor air filters, I worry about long term effects.