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I have yet to find a todo app that has everything I feel I need, and I don't feel I'm hard to please...

All I want that is usually missing is an API, and the ability to create recurring tasks with a set interval, like "Water plants" recurring 3 days after last completion. I don't want 100 "water plant" items if I don't do/complete the item for 300 days. I want 1 item that's 300 days overdue, and a new one 3 days after I mark the previous one as complete. Is that to much to ask..?!?

Oh how I hate not getting devs of these apps to listen to reason :p

Downloading and giving it a go :)

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"we prefer 4 spaces over tabs."

This doesn't bode well... 🤣

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It's an ancient and ongoing debate.

Do a quick Google search for tabs vs spaces and read a few posts/articles. Both "sides" has at least some merrit...

Personally I'm in the tabs camp. Less keyboard strokes == less time, file size, keyboard wear, and most editors lets you configure tab indentation width. Fixing indentation errors is a lot faster to fix also.

Silicon valley had a scene on this struggle as well. The clip is on Youtube

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So, how do you handle recurring tasks like this? ;)

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